Wilcox Student A Finalist in Genes in Space Competition

By Robert Haugh

Wilcox High School student Ananth Jagannath is a finalist in the Genes in Space competition.

The 16-year-old’s topic is Microgravity Effects on Metamorphic Protein Structure.

Genes in Space is an annual national contest wherein high school contestants propose DNA science experiments to run on the International Space Station. One winner (selected from the 5 finalists) has their experiment carried out on the Space Station.

All awardees will receive a P51 biotechnology prize package for their educational institution. This prize grants awardees and their classmates a chance to use some of the same biotechnology equipment in use on the ISS.

The students submitted proposals that stood out in their potential to positively impact the future of space travel, and in their innovative use of the Genes in Space toolkit. One of these groups will launch their project to space in 2024.

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