49ers Management Reverses Bracelet Ban for Taylor Swift Concert After Fans and Mayor Gillmor Criticize Policy

By Robert Haugh

Last Thursday, 49ers Management told Taylor Swift fans that they could not bring bracelets to Levi’s Stadium for her Eras Tour concerts on Friday, July 28 and Saturday, July 29.


No one told management that the bracelet exchange and gifting has been a big deal for “Swifties” during the tour for months.

The no-bracelet announcement set off a firestorm online from “Swifties” and calls from Mayor Lisa Gillmor to change the policy.

So 24 hours later, the policy was reversed.

But some “Swifties” are still not happy about the boneheaded 49er management move.

This tweet says it all:


  1. Whoever hired new management (read Francine Hughes) they should be rethinking this. Under her mgmt there has now been

    1. a stabbing
    2. Cancellation of soccer match
    3. Bad policies for Swift concerts that are misogynistic!

    Francine, you’re a jinx. As they say in baseball, you’re out!

    • 1. Stabbings, bathroom beatings, and parking lots assaults unfortunately happen in many large venues.
      2. The game between Barcelona and Juventos was cancelled by the teams due to eight Barcelona players contracting a virus.
      3. Misogyny is a dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. The city’s female mayor promoting excitement for a female entertainer is not an act of misogyny.

      Davey, you’re not educated. As they say at Merriam-Webster, you’re unlearned!

    • Hee!! Hee! A thin skinned bumpkin who don’t defend ladies against big bad greed makin’ stoopid rules to hurt swifties.

      Go tell football fans what they can’t do and see what happens! Double standards ain’t cool!

      In the dictionary it’s called misogyny. TG lady mayor defended the swifties!

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