Taylor Swift Santa Clara Concert Will be Costly, But Swifties Can Bring Their Bracelets

By Carter Fulhorst

Taylor Swift is coming to Santa Clara for a two-night appearance at Levi’s Stadium as part of her Eras Tour, but with ticket prices well-exceeding $800 on the resale market, many Swifties are going to be left out in the cold for the tour stop in “Swiftie Clara.”

Tickets went on sale November 15 at 10 a.m. Within minutes, Ticketmaster had sold out of tickets to the July 28 and 29 concerts, which had a face value of $49 to $499. 

Fans immediately took to secondary resale sites where they reported seeing the exact same tickets just purchased on Ticketmaster selling at up to a one-thousand percent markup. Tickets that originally sold for $49 were being sold for $800, while premium tickets that originally sold for $499 could cost tens-of-thousands.

Taylor Swift

Additionally, Levi’s Stadium had initially banned the sale or trading of bracelets inside or outside the stadium and had warned fans that such bracelets would be confiscated. Fans have since taken to social media, furious with the actions of Levi’s Stadium, and their voices have reached cable-news networks like NBC who have covered the story

They got public support from Mayor Lisa Gillmor challenging the bracelet ban.

In response to the huge public backlash, Levi’s Stadium officials retracted their ban on bracelets.

Levi’s Stadium and their partnership with Ticketmaster failing to protect lifelong fans from being gouged by ticket scalpers and the would-be bracelet ban are salt in the wounds of many Swift fans and have left many hopeful concert-goers with a bad taste in their mouths.

Carter Fulhorst is an enterprising journalist and tech-marketing specialist, focused on how developing business trends create need for expansion of security software capabilities. He currently works with the City of Santa Clara where he grew up, and in addition to working with the citizens of Santa Clara on a daily basis, hopes to reinvigorate the historic downtown and re-establish a city community.

Carter Fulhorst
Carter Fulhorst


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