Indicted Anthony Becker Only Santa Clara Councilmember to Attend Taylor Swift Concert

By Robert Haugh

Taylor Swift sold out her two Santa Clara concerts at Levi’s Stadium last Friday and Saturday night.

And the tickets were really expensive.

Tickets went on sale November 15 at 10 a.m. Within minutes, Ticketmaster had sold out.

Resold tickets were going from $800 to tens of thousands of dollars for good seats.

That wasn’t a problem for Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker.

Becker bragged about being at the concert on Facebook, according to numerous sources. He also posted a photo from what looks like premium seats.

Becker was the only Councilmember to attend either concert.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Councilmembers Suds Jain, and Kathy Watanabe confirmed that they did not attend the concerts.

Councilmembers Raj Chahal, Karen Hardy, and Kevin Park did not respond to Santa Clara News Online inquiries. But sources close to each one confirmed that they did not attend.

Becker frequently complains at Council meetings that he has difficulty affording the high cost of living in Santa Clara.  

And he’s currently being represented by a public defender even though he told the Court almost four months ago that he wanted a private attorney.

Becker did not respond to requests for comment.


  1. Robert,

    This is a petty and gossipy way to criticize Becker when much more meaningful grounds for criticism are available for comment.

    Petty attacks undermine the positive impact of meaningful criticism of Becker.

    You should do better than this. Not for Becker’s sake but to better contribute to Santa Clara.

    • This may appear petty but it’s important for Robert to keep track of Becker’s actions. With him, you never know. I don’t think Becker got his tickets before they were sold out in minutes. The Swifties know how to play that game. So how did Becker afford the tickets that he got on the secondary market? Maybe someone gave them to him?. Maybe someone with City interests?
      Maybe this will be discovered by the DA’s office?

      I don’t know the answer to these questions.But I think it’s important for Robert to highlight what may seem like a small thing today. It may be a big thing down the road. Becker seems to have no sense of right and wrong, The guy seems like he’s financial desperate. He’s also not too bright. Would he take a bribe or gifts while he’s indicted? I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Bud,

      The cost of the tickets could very well have been of an amount that does not really make this expensive area more affordable to live in or enable him to pay a private attorney instead of using a public defender.

      If Becker were repeatedly showing that he is going to expensive concerts and other events at Levi’s or somewhere else than there would actually be something to ask about.

      My main point is that criticism of Becker will be seen as more valid and is less susceptible to be interpreted as personal or purely political when there is at least a little discretion and selectiveness in the criticism. If every possible little thing is a line of attack then it diminishes the impact of more meaningful criticism.

    • Jo Warren, really great picture. And you are correct, where are the other 5? My guess breaking a Brown Act or something similar.
      So the funny part of this picture is seeing our Mayor along with our lone City Council member celebrating a historic event.
      Sadly, their future has been built on my High Schools gravesite.
      Still strange to drive by and see Blue and Gold….
      Both the Mayor and I graduated from Buchser High in 1978. I believe the last class to graduate with that High School’s name is 1981.

      Burt Field

    • Fppc, city attorney, rosen all asked to require becker to abstain on stadium issues.

    • Bottom line, becker should abstain on stadium issues. 49ers are witnesses in mater. The stadium by settlement is run by 49ers. Staff should have been primary contact.

  2. COM-08092023-02211
    Filed today

    Be advised

    1) Mr. Becker must be required to abstain on a stadium authority matters.
    2) the 49ers operate the stadium
    3) becker personal financial future is affected by votes involving the 49ers
    4) the 49ers are direct witnesses to his indictment.

    Sent to city

    • Jed York and Suds Jain are tied together by stock?? Yep. JED YORK is a director of corporation that has several stock owners which list Suds Jain as a major investor.


  3. I wonder if anyone has explored the interest he used to express in Mein Kompf. He started more than a few sentences with “Now im not saying im a fan of hitler but…”
    Of course this was after more than a few generous hits off his elaborate water bong. Funny how people change…. Allegedly.

    • Gina, thanks for you post. My Philosophy–know your enemy–so I did purchase a book “Mein Kampf” (‘my struggle’) by Hitler. I never got around to reading the words of that mad man; too long and looked boring.

      You bring interesting topics that Becker allegedly professed.

      Santa Clarans need to know where did he “express [words] in Mein Kampf?” I truly need to know. Thanks!

  4. COM-08092023-02211

    Filed today with FPPC

    Complaint alleges

    1) Becker indicted for delivering grand jury documents to 49ers
    2)49ers are, therefore, witnesses to an action that directly affect Becker finances in near future.
    3) Becker must abstain on stadium authority votes

    • With much affection, I went to to learn about COM-08092023-02211. Nothing showed up in the search. Search terms ‘santa’ ‘clara’ ‘becker’ yielded nothing.

      I ask you please send a link because filings with the ‘FPPC’ and some random number (i.e., COM-08092023-02211) DOES NOT INFORM Santa Clarans. Please make it easy for all of us to learn about the system.

      Gawd bless.

  5. Honestly for what Mayor Gillmor, and Lone City Council member Watanabe have endure, they both should have been given Luxury Suites for the night.
    They earned this, and a whole lot more.
    If anyone does not know what I am talking about…. all you have to do is attend any 49er Council Meeting to see what I mean. It’s a tall order to take even 15 minutes.
    Nails on a chalkboard become a welcome sound after hearing anyone of the 49er 5 Council Members open their mouths to speak.
    Better days are ahead… Santa Clara is a small City, and she is worth fighting for.
    If you have not registered to vote….now is the time.

    Burt Field

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