DA Jeff Rosen Pushing for Statewide Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence in California

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen is proposing a California statewide ballot initiative for the Presidential General Election in November 2024, called the “Gun Violence Prevention Act (GVPA).”

Rosen is not circulating an initiative yet according to sources. He will need 546,651 registered voters to sign the initiative before it can qualify for the ballot.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, the initiative has not been submitted for review or circulation. But Rosen and his supporters still have time.

October 26, 2023, is the last day for the Attorney General to prepare and issue the circulating title and summary for statewide petitions, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

The GVPA website the key elements of Rosen’s plan are the following:

  • require all firearms to be equipped with trigger locks within one year of the passage of the GVPA. Authorized trigger locks can be either key, combination, cable, or biometric in design. Within five years, all guns must be equipped with state-of-the-art biometric gun safety technology.
  • enhance the education of lawful gun owners about vital health, legal, and gun safety information. GVPA will require all current and potential gun owners to pass written and in-person gun safety classes.
  • mandate that the State of California offer mental health treatment to individuals found to be a danger to themselves or others and have been ordered to relinquish their firearms because they violated a Red Flag Law or a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.


  1. A criminal is breaking into your home. Take it from there:

    ‘Honey, wake up! Where did I put that key…?!’

  2. Love pls like the anti woke subscribed! Thank you DA for having hutszpa! You got the sheriff now get the other criminals.

  3. Rosen is a clown. Biometric safeties won’t apply to off list guns, rifles, and grenad launchers cops can buy and then conveniently “lose” only to wind up in the hands of their non-LE friends or criminals on the street. Remember Kate Steinle? She was killed by a cop’s gun.

    If Rosen wants to get serious about gun safety start with the 13 law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County and he can start by finding the 944 lost firearms detailed in this article https://extras.mercurynews.com/policeguns/

  4. Did I hear the BS alarm?

    Since most of the guns in crimes are gotten illegally, this will have no effect on the current situation. Outlaws will always have guns, trying to restrict our gun ownership is dangerous and against the constitution.

    Just another liberal BS talking point…

  5. Just another example of the left naming a proposition the opposite of what it is. ‘Gun Violence Prevention Act’ will do nothing to curb criminal gun violence. The only thing it might prevent is honest people from being able to protect themselves. This will have NO IMPACT on criminals, but the left doesn’t care much about that, if they can move to control most of us. The most of us, that are honest law abiding people. If we were crooks it would have no impact.
    Keep in mind, over half of fire arm deaths are suicide. Some would jump at this and say we should try to prevent that! But go to the right state and the state will help you kill yourself, so that’s an absurd argument.
    In case I was not clear, this is just another leftists attempt to prevent honest people from having the means to protect ourselves. But that’s just another expert opinion.

  6. What a crock…the bad people will skirt the law and the rest of us will have our rights infringed with this burdensome statute. GVPA should stand for a Gross Violation of Peoples right to Arm themselves.

  7. Unless the state is paying, and even then, it won’t pass constitution muster. Since criminals already breaking law it will only impead the safety of citizens for self defense as society continues to break down due to such “woke” smokescreen ideas.

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