Worm and Composting Weekend in Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

This weekend, Santa Clara gardeners can learn how to compost with worms and get their hands on some free compost, too. 

The City is hosting a composting with worms workshop on Saturday, August 19, and a self-service compost giveaway event on Sunday, August 20.

The composting with worms workshop will be held at the Everett N. “Eddie” Souza Park from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. Registration is required. Register online or call the “Rot Line” at 408-918-4640.

The compost giveaway will take place at the City’s Corporation Yard from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Sunday. Residents must provide a current utility bill and/or personal identification to verify eligibility. Compost will be self-served and residents must bring their own shovel and sturdy container. Compost will be available while supplies last.

These events are a great opportunity for Mission City gardeners to learn about composting and how to improve the health of their gardens.

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  1. Mr. Haugh
    When I read the title to this article, I though maybe the “49er Council” was actually going to do something for us, you know the residents.
    I personally think “Goodie Bags” of worms, manure and compost would be appropriate item for them to hand out after every 49er Council Meeting.
    Maybe then some of us could justify all the time we waste having to sit through their meetings.
    As I’ve mentioned, “Nails on a Chalkboard” are a welcomed relief after having to listen to anything the 5 “Self Proclaimed” geniuses ever decide they want to talk about.
    Burt Field

    Still allowed to live here…
    They haven’t kicked me out of their town yet.
    Remember…..”Orange is the New Black”.

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