Three of the Bay Area’s Best Korean Restaurants Located in Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

According to the Bay Area’s largest and best newspaper, Santa Clara is home to three of the best seven Korean restaurants in the Bay Area when it comes to comfort food.

The food and restaurant writers of the San Francisco Chronicle recently highlighted these Mission City establishments:

  • Kami Korean (1054 Kiely Blvd) is known for its fresh ingredients and authentic flavors.  According to the Chronicle, “the restaurant feels homey with green checkered wallpaper, classic metal bowls and an auntie ready to greet you and offer quick, no-nonsense service.”
  • Obok Restaurant (3072 El Camino) is “a legit Korean restaurant” and has “quality soondae that’s made in the restaurant rather than store-bought,” the newspaper writes.
  • Roll House (3486 El Camino) “feels like the kimbap shops in Korea.” The restaurant specializes in kimbap with several different variations: beef, tuna, fried shrimp, spicy pork, kimchi, Spam, and pork belly.

The other four restaurants are located in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland.

But why waste time and gas when we can help our local restaurants that are just as good or better?


  1. Now this and the SCU Broncos piece are the type of community news/blog pieces that really benefit local residents. Kudos for changing it up a bit, Robert.

    • I have published hundreds of pieces on things like this. Haven’t changed a thing, I have always published a variety of things, including sports and local business/restaurant news.

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