Former City Attorney Sues Santa Clara, Claims He Was Fired When He Tried to Stop 49er Five’s Secret Deal with the Team, Possible Criminal Activity

By Robert Haugh

Former Santa Clara City Attorney Brian Doyle is suing the City, alleging that he was fired in retaliation for whistleblowing about a secret deal between the City Council and the 49ers.

Doyle specifically names the 49er Five in his lawsuit.

Doyle was the city’s top lawyer for four years. He said he was first suspicious of the council’s motives when they tried to hold a closed-door meeting to discuss a lawsuit involving the California Voting Rights Act.

He believed that the council was trying to dismiss the lawsuit, which would have benefited the 49ers, in exchange for campaign contributions. Wow.

Doyle said he refused to participate in the closed-door meeting because he believed it was illegal. He was later fired by the council, which he claims was a direct result of his whistleblowing.

If Doyle’s lawsuit is successful, he could be awarded a substantial amount of money in damages and his job back.

The lawsuit could also turn up information that’s damaging to the 49er Five, including potential criminal prosecution for Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy, and Kevin Park. Double wow.

This is clearly a developing story.  

Here’s a link to the Doyle complaint to read in full.

The full complaint filed on Aug. 30 by Brian Doyle.


  1. As a follow-up to a post of September 7th, and in response to a hit piece over the weekend on Mr. Doyle by Propagandists of Santa Clara Weakly Pravda, it is clear that those at the Silicon Valley VoiceLESS are NOT “reporters,” but mouthpieces of Al “Jed York” Capone.

    Many “reporters” at Santa Clara Weakly Pravda draft OPINION pieces in the guise of “NEWS.” For example, the misinformation (including non-neutral language) in the hit piece offers NO balance as to Mr. Doyle’s plight. Why not? Sincerely, what is the aim of the diatribe—other than attacking Mr. Doyle!?!? Does not Mr. Doyle provide any probable basis on his behalf? Are the 49ers and their quislings are without sin? Did the contact Mr. Doyle for comment? The regurgitation of letters and words in the hit piece is nothing but what a dog returns to biblically.

    Mr. Doyle and his attorneys, if they consider amending a complaint to include RICO allegations, then they ought to also consider alleging that certain “reporters,” as well as their management and its propaganda organization entity, may have engaged in activities that may be violative of California’s RICO statutes.

    If allegations are true as forth in the following link, then the LOBBYISTS masquerading as a collective “newspaper” ought to be considered as to engaged in conspiracies in furtherance of committing one or more crimes and aiding and abetting crimes of an indicted councilperson to the benefit of an overbearing third party (i.e., the 49er organization). Circumstantially and outside looking in, a triumvirate of the 49er Organization, the disgraced quisling 49er five councilpersons, and the former respectful local newspaper appear to have connived tacitly to grant benefits to an organization and those in the triumvirate at the detriment to the prosperity of Santa Clarans.

    As does follow, are the allegations in this link yet to be refuted (have they been)!?!?:

  2. These whoohaas keep screamin about budget deficits.
    I hope Doyle breaks the bank and takes all he can get.
    And the fault will be on the 5 whoohaas. Booyah!

    • Anthony Becker is now insisting that the council rotate who gets to welcome celebrities

      Becker can welcome
      And give keys to


  3. Love to see #46 against the 49er 5 and 49ers. Who was the person who was most vocal condemning how residents vote in Santa Clara? Rahul Chandick! Who claimed Santa Clara was a racist community? Rahul Chandick! It was his duty to impose 6 districts and claim racism (and find people to do his bidding (right, Wesley Mukyoma??) so the 49ers could control districts. And where is Chandick now? He left in middle of night after having to admit to criminal grand jury that his good buddy, INDICTED (Poster Boy For Bad Behavior) Councilmember Becker emailed the confidential grand jury report to Chandick. Whoops! The cockroaches are scurrying. Their past is catching up with them!

    Go back and see which “suspects” that are now under the microscope DIDN’T support 6 districts – Raj Chahal and the now Chamber CEO who lied to our local non profits about sponsorship monies – Harbir Bhatia. Unfortunately, the 49ers got control of the council. There’s an opportunity for change in 2024.

    Here’s the allegation asserting why Jed and Rahul were so supportive of districts:

    46.Plaintiff reasonably believed that the 49ers provided more than $700,000 in campaign funding to oppose a ballot measure that would have rendered the appeal in the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) litigation moot in furtherance of their goal.

  4. Mr. Doyle and his attorneys claim wrongful termination based on labor law.

    Regardless of an opinion of Trump, state-based RICO allegations are doable. RICO is designed to take down the mafia and any other criminal collaborations.

    As an armchair QB and no expert in racketeering law, an amended complaint to include RICO counts under the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act,” under California Penal Code §186.2, ought to draw the 49ers into an orbit of liability and source of potential damages. Just from the complaint as filed, its narrative exudes clandestine collaboration, collusion, and racketeering between the 49ers and their installed henchmen on the city council, all of whom acted to the detriment to the citizens of Santa Clara. Is Santa Clara in a budget surplus or deficit? If the latter, we all know it was that rogue group of marauders claiming to represent us Santa Clarans.

    From a layperson’s perspective, California RICO statutes require two (2) general filtering mechanisms for conviction: 1) involvement in an organized crime group, and 2) implication and collaboration in at least two (2) types of crimes. Satisfying the latter ought to prove the former.

    Crime 1: Perjury. A Santa Clara councilperson has been indicted for perjury.

    See California Penal Code 653f. (a). “Every person who, with the intent that the crime be committed, solicits another to offer, accept, or join in the offer or acceptance of a bribe, or to commit or join in . . ., extortion, ***perjury, subornation of perjury,****. . .

    Crime 2: Extortion. If true, paragraph 65 on p. 8 demonstrates an act of extortion by stating that if Doyle did not participate in a secret criminal enterprise, than Doyle would be “avoiding his duty.” With implications of job loss. Other paragraphs, if true, support extortive actions by Al “Jed Jerk” Capone’s henchman.

    Crime 3: Bribery. It is mentioned in the complaint.

    Other enumerated crimes may be applicable, too.

    Santa Clarans urge those who fight the plague on the city council to break up the criminal collusion.

    Under RICO, go after each of the 49er 5 PERSONALLY, as well as 49er personnel and its corrupt organization!

    Perhaps I am wrong.

    Viva Santa Clara!!!

  5. Go find the eye opening PRAs showing Karen Hardy asking Deanna Santana if the City could give the 49ers one of their requests. Why??? Most likely Rahul Chandok told Karen she wouldn’t have 49er support if she wasn’t able to deliver. The City – actually 49er 5 delivered and Karen got her $$$PAYDAY$$$!!!! Quid pro quo? You betcha’!! Go get her, Brian Doyle!!

    • There is a direct connection here. Some of Doyle’s pleadings are not possible, but he has some points that make the mark. It is serious, posdible for him to have a legitimate greviance. In wrongful termination, he has just the requirement to prove most, not all. Honda and Doug Chan did have a relationship with 49ers. Park had, as did Becker, on going dialogue with Honda. That, coupled with jain have briefings with Chandhok and Caserta, puts Doyle very near making a case. Doyle has enough to force a settlement.

    • The letter Mike Honda wrote to Jed York in 2020 asking for money to elect Jain, Becker, Park is Doyle’s best evidence. The CVRA case became smoke screen. The request of Jain to Chandhok in early 2021 was the proof that these three saw the true issue of the 49ers suit as being the real reason why York spent to elect them. Chandhok’s first memo to Jain was about Doyle. That memo helps Doyle

    • It’s time people know the truth about the 49er 5 and how they sold out Santa Clara and given any chance will continue to do so until they all end up in jail in orange jumpsuits. Voter apathy got us where we are. Wake up!

  6. Hello

    The way he was terminated was unfair.

    I said the process was wrong!!!

    Caserta to Jain. Text. January 2021

    Fire Doyle

    The proper way to terminate was not done.

  7. It’s a shakedown. Doyle can’t win this, the city’s response will be that he was an at-will employee and they didn’t need a laundry list of items to terminate his at-will services. Continuously referring to specfic persons as the “49er Five” in court documents won’t last long with a competent judge, very childish. Anyone else notice how business relationships have been quieter since Doyle and Santana were dismissed? Grogan and Googins are doing the same job with a less daily drama.

    • Every SMART businessperson will tell you the “49er Five” are the cause of the quieter business relationships. The business community is not confident in Santa Clara’s leadership thanks to Jed Boy’s greed and bought council.

    • Well, ‘shakedown’, you want a quiet business relationship? You have it when it is all one-sided and the opposition has been eliminated. Most things are quiet when they have been run over by a steamroller. The niners get whatever they want w/o a big fight, but that’s okay if it’s quiet, right? Go ahead, tell us if this is really you suds.

  8. I happen to have liked Doyle as our city atty and feel he was a big improvement over the previous atty. Admittedly, that wasn’t a high bar. But he would take a stand, and that stand was for the city of Santa Clara, which was a big change IMHO.
    And yes, Doyle, along with all of SC, got screwed. jed york may be a pimp with just five whores, but they screwed a whole city. I am so glad to see what we all knew was coming. Let’s hope jed york can’t buy a judge.

  9. I have said this publicly many times. I opposed Doyle’s hiring. I was critical of his performance. BUT HE GOT SCREWED.


    Becker, Jain and Park are incompetentw devious, dishonest and an embarrasment to the city.

    Doyle deserved due process. He did not get it. The law was not followed. If the law was followed, Doyle would have no case.

    Field was dismissed against the rules.

    We either follow the law or we suffer

    • Suffering Succotash, Matt Dillion. You criticized Doyle’s performance as City Attorney but believe he shouldn’t be terminated? Now we’re all criticizing your competence. In the real world, lackluster job performances lead to at-will separations.

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