Santa Clara Police Arrest Suspect in Stabbing at Normandy House Lounge

By Robert Haugh

Last Saturday at approximately 11 p.m., Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) responded to a stabbing report at Normandy House Lounge on 30 Washington St.

SCPD officers detained a male subject at the scene.

Simultaneously, another individual with multiple stab wounds turned up at a local hospital. Authorities linked this victim to an assault behind the lounge.

The initially detained person emerged as the prime suspect in the lounge assault. The alleged assailant is Lorenzo Lopez of Santa Clara.

He has been booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on charges of attempted murder.

The case remains active, with authorities seeking witnesses and any available video evidence or information.

SCPD’s Detective Miranda is spearheading the investigation and can be reached at 408-615-4851 or via email at

Individuals wishing to stay anonymous can leave information on the SCPD Anonymous Tip Line at (408) 615-4TIP (4847).

Decades ago, the Normandy House Lounge was a frequent gathering place after City Council meetings for a former City Councilmember, City Clerk, and a local reporter. 

The talkative Councilmember told lots of stories, some of them “not suitable for work.”


    • Wednesday, September 13, at 1:35 pm! Public Defender will be there too! Less than a week! Get the jumpsuit ready!

  1. Mr. Haugh… I’m not one to wave the “Murky News” Banner. But this was in the early editions…

    This is not going to be a good look for anyone, and for sure not the 49ers, or their City Council.
    Just for one second, try to make sense why the 49er Council would at any time choose to fire the attorney who was 7-0, and by all accounts projected to be 9-0 in short order.
    Then, quickly, settle out of court. The 49er Council (Sock Puppets / Shills) voted in favor of setting out of court.
    One of the lawsuits was over the use of the Santa Clara Golf Course for event parking, something the 49ers made some serious money with.
    The agreement was for 3 years. For two years, they were very happy…. Then suddenly as the 3rd and final year was winding down, they saw something that merited a Lawsuit?
    Bottomline, they knew the agreement was now over. All parking money had been collected, now all they had to do was pay the landlord the agreed upon amount of $700K.
    Long story short. Santa Clara was then forced to defend itself, and spend $250K in attorney cost. Not to mention lots of City Staff time wasted as well.
    So what did the 49er Council settle for us? The 49ers ended up paying us $500k, not the $700k they had agreed upon.
    Now you also have to subtract the $250K that we needed to spend to protect our interest, and we net, $250K and a lot of bad blood.
    Was it worth it to the 49ers, I guess. Really horrible look, and for what? They got to keep a few $’s more, or was it really about showing us just how much power they really had?

    One step closer to Yorkville.

    Next on their list is removing our ability to elect our own Police Chief and City Clerk.
    Don’t even think if you want to volunteer for our City that you can say what you think you need to say. First Amendment Rights go away as soon as you volunteer to help the City.
    Sound crazy, far fetched… not so much.

    As bad as this may be for our City… this had to be done. I applaud Mr. Doyle, and look forward to maybe Mrs. Santana having her day as well.

    So, how are things in our City looking right now?
    Can we even for one second say, our City in a better shape now with both Deanna Santana and Brian Doyle gone?
    Those 49er Council Members who are not “Indicted for Felony Perjury” have their “Head” buried so deep in 49er Red and Gold, that we no longer can even hear them say, “Thank you Sir, may I have another”. It’s just all kind of muffled now.
    Actually, now that I think about it, what better way for me not to hear Kevin Prank talk? Oh to dream Big….

    Register to vote. Learn to filter the negative flyers that will come out… they always do, why because they work. (Simple check, who is paying for the Flyer)
    Talk to each other, let people know what is happening in their own town.
    Santa Clara is worth fighting for.
    We can do this.

    Burt Field

    • I do think Doyle was fired unfairly. I did not support his hiring and said so. BUT THERE IS DUE PROCESS. Doyle did not get it. I think he was wrong on a lot of issues. But he was screwed

      There is a charter. There is a rule of law.

      He did not get it.

    • Dear Community,

      If it smells like ‘Poop’, IT IS POOP.



      we are trying to correct the 9 years of useless Council Representation.

      Pollution, Poor Parks, Transportation going around the Public, 501c3’s!!!!

      And more…

      Be very careful who you Vote for!!

      In Community Spirit,
      Danny Garza

      Plata Arroyo Neighborhood Association and Gateway East N.A.C.

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