Santa Clara City Manager and City Attorney Get Jabroni Award for Failure to Get World Cup Documents, Putting City At Risk

By Robert Haugh

City Staff was asked to get World Cup documents from the 49ers to show what the team has committed and what the City might be on the hook for.

City Manager Jovan Grogan and City Attorney Glen Googins having been trying for months but still don’t have all of them.

Mission City residents don’t know what tax dollars are at risk. For that, Grogan and Googins get the Santa Clara News Online Jabroni Award.

Last year, the Grand Jury recommended the City get the relevant information by February 1, 2023. The Council agreed to do it.

That was 241 days ago.

In April, Mayor Lisa Gillmor and a Santa Clara resident suggested that the City subpoena the information.

But Grogan and Googins said the would get the documents by working cooperatively with the 49ers and didn’t need subpoena powers. 

The deadline to get documents was set for May 23, 2023. That was Googin’s suggestion. That was 130 days ago.

Grogan and Googins failed to get key information about the World Cup game costs. 

And the documents have been around for years.


  1. Yea, Tweedle and Tweedledum.

    Not a fan of the game, but i understand FIFA **requires** natural grass.

    Who is picking up the tab to switch from AstroTurf to grass back to AstroTurf? I guess this a dumb question as Suds Jain and the 49er 5 will pick up the tab.

  2. The 49er 5 has recruited two more Sesame Street puppets. City Manager Grogan and city Attorney Googins. Now the 49er 7, do they know they work for the citizens of Santa Clara and not the 49ers. Would somebody pleases send them the memo. It won’t be long the both will get thrown under the bus once there loyally to the 49ers start effecting the city’s general fund. Anyone out there giving odds how long will they last as Santa Clara officials. I’m giving it 24 months.

    • Contact Ro Khanna. Why?

      Congress passed a resolution commending the World Game 2026. Congresd has a small hook on FIFA through a congressional caucus. Khanna knows Lieu and Takano who heard about the 49ers antics

  3. This is why our city council majority wants to appoint a Chief of Police. They want another puppet.
    Our current city manager and attorney are puppets.

  4. Civil grand jury got two referrals. Also
    There is a congressional soccer caucus.
    11 cpras filed
    Very good lobbying fifa
    Call ro khanna. Ask him to call caucus
    Council should invite him to work with Mark Takano. California member of caucus

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