Santa Clara Had a Good Weekend

By Robert Haugh

On Saturday, Santa celebrated with our 54th Annual Parade of Champions.

On Sunday, the 49ers walloped the Cowboys 42-10 on the nationally televised Sunday Night Football. But the big surprise wasn’t the score.

NBC showed a shot of Santa Clara University’s Mission Church instead of another video of the Golden Gate Bridge.


It’s nice to know some TV producers know that the 49ers have actually left San Francisco.

But back to the Mission City. Here are some photos of the beloved Parade of Champions:


  1. Mr. Haugh,
    It is great to see something written about our City that is 100% positive.
    Honestly this is the City that I remember growing up in.
    This has brought back some great memories.
    Thanks again.
    Burt Field

    • Read postings on social media that she was discharged from hospital and sent home to recover.

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