Santa Clara Safeway Store Near Valley Fair Closing

By Robert Haugh

A Santa Clara Safeway store that’s been open and serving the community for 67 years is set to close its doors in early November.

The store, located in the Valley Fair Shopping Center on Stevens Creek Boulevard, has been struggling financially in recent years according a Safeway spokesperson. 

The closure of the Safeway store will be a loss for the Mission City. The store has been a popular shopping destination for lots of residents. It’s also employed dozens of local workers.

According to SF Gate, a Safeway spokesperson said that all employees of the Santa Clara store will have the option to continue working at surrounding Safeway stores. 

Safeway still has three other stores in Santa Clara:

  • 2605 The Alameda, 
  • 2760 Homestead Road, and 
  • 3970 Rivermark Plaza.


  1. Ted is right on the money. The store was old and rundown.

    Oh, note to becker. Read gloucster momologue in henry vi, part 3. Then you will know whom you are dealing with.

  2. Thank goodness! That’s THE ugliest and dirties grocery store in the entire Valley! The shelves inside literally have rust on them. It’s pure gross.

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