Congressman Ro Khanna Held Santa Clara Town Hall to Discuss Local, National, and International Issues

By Robert Haugh

In Santa Clara this past Saturday, Congressmember Ro Khanna held a town hall meeting at Mission College to discuss local, national, and International issues.

Khanna talked about locally funded infrastructure projects and his Congressional priorities.

But there was a lot of interest in Congressional politics and the Middle East.

Khanna weighed in on the GOP Speaker fiasco. He criticized both GOP choices: Congressmembers Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan.

Khanna urged the GOP to pick a reasonable leader that would help avoid a government shutdown.

Khanna said, “Middle East chaos puts the U.S. in a tough spot.”

Approximately 100 residents attended Khanna town hall.


  1. Khanna had a tough crowd with many speaking out about Israel and Palestine. He took the hits and answered each one with respect and compassion.

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