Santa Clara City Library Expands Open Hours by 64 Percent

By Robert Haugh

The Santa Clara City Library is expanding its open hours at all three locations beginning Monday, October 23.

The Library will add 56 additional hours and open six days per week to meet the needs of the community at Central Park Library, Mission Branch Library, and Northside Branch Library.

The Santa Clara City Library Bookmobile will continue to travel throughout the City of Santa Clara to provide on-site service to communities in need of library resources.

The Library’s priority is providing its most vital services to the community, including access to technology, the Internet, borrowing collections, and research and reference support services, according to City staff.

The newly expanded schedule will offer increased access to the physical collections, public computing, printing and scanning stations, and in-person programming for all ages.

The 64 percent increase in open hours will include additional evening hours at Central Park and Northside, additional morning hours at our Mission Branch Library, and additional Saturday hours at all locations.

“We are excited to expand our open hours and make the Santa Clara City Library more accessible to everyone,” said Library Director Maria Rodriguez. “We know that our community relies on the Library for a variety of services, and we want to make sure that we are meeting their needs.”

The new library hours are as follows:

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  1. Are the 49ers ok this? I mean, wow…. this is so generous of them to allow us to almost feel like we are part of a “Normal”, non NFL City.
    It’s so nice that once in awhile I can close my eyes and pretend that daily we are getting the crap beat out of us.
    “Thank you Sir, may I have another”, just tired of saying that, hope you are too.
    Some day, I’d love to ask for “More Soup Please?”…. Oh to dream BIG.

    I’m reading a really good book right now called “Field of Schemes” by Joanna Cagan and Neil deMause. Worth the read if you want to get a more “Global View” of how Monopolies like the NFL really want the world to be run.

    Very interesting read,

    Burt Field

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