Happy 7th Anniversary Santa Clara News Online

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara News Online (SCNO) has now reached seven years. And many said we wouldn’t last or were here for just the 2016 elections. They were obviously wrong.

Over the past seven years, SCNO published over 1,700 articles and 8,000 comments – with over 1.6 million visitors. Wow.

I’m grateful for the support over the years and am excited for the next seven years, and more. Please continue to share SCNO with your Mission City neighbors. 

Unlike many local media oulets, I’m not motivated by money. I don’t get paid and I don’t have advertising. I’m passionate about the Mission City.

It’s interesting that a City Councilmember continues to post that I’m bought and paid for. He’s completely wrong and the fact that he makes those accusations without any evidence says a lot about him and his lack of integrity.

My motivation is personal and professional. I started this site in 2016 because many community members said they can’t rely on other news sources. 

San Jose Spotlight has become a go-to publication for positive spin from the 49ers and the 49er Five Council majority. The Silicon Valley Voice is not read by many Santa Clarans and they, too, are tremendously biased toward the 49ers. The Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury called out both of them in their 2020 report “Unsportsmanlike Conduct.”

The Mercury News doesn’t really understand the Mission City and they never have. Ironically, the San Francisco Chronicle has become the paper of record for the story about how the 49ers are taking over Santa Clara, and they’ve won an award for it. But the Chronicle isn’t interested in local news about our City.

So, that’s why I write and keep this site going. 

Thank you to the Mission City for all your support over the last seven years. Here’s to another seven years and millions more viewers. 

People frequently ask me what’s the most-read story of the year. In the last 365 days, it was an April Fool’s piece:

 BREAKING NEWS: Grand Jury Asks District Attorney Jeff Rosen to Indict Santa Clara City Councilmembers – Santa Clara News Online

It was written as satire and it turned out to be close to the truth. In Santa Clara these days, it’s sometimes hard to tell reality from fiction.


  1. Robert,

    Thanks for the great reporting you do in our city.
    You are my go to source for unbiased and factual reporting in Santa Clara. (Even though there are a select few that think you are biased. They just can’t handle the truth)

  2. Mr. Haugh… Not bad for someone who has been “Fired and Failed”.

    What one “Short sighted” individuals may have consider a failure, I suggest it was just an opportunity, a true launching point for sure.
    I have learned that many times, our darkest days are just points in our life that we can look back on and remember a time / date / place / or event, when we are forced to make some really, really, really tough decisions.
    Easily the song that best describes a true victory out of a really bad situation is a song by Steve Winwood. The song is called “Back in the High Life Again”. First time I heard the song was the day I was forced to start my own company back in December of 1986.
    As time has gone on….it appears that The “Meekly’s” loss was really just a huge gain for Santa Clara, because YOU made a great decision.
    I respect you, and your decision to not take being “Fired and Failed” as the end of your story. Instead you have taken it as launching point, and one that everyone, and I mean everyone can point too and say, “Wow, so that’s how The Santa Clara News Online started.”
    Really, listen to the song “Back in the High Life Again”, I think you will find some parts that ring true with your story, just like so many other people who have had challenges thrown before them.
    You got knocked down… but you also got back up.

    I don’t drink, or dance, but I will for sure do my best impersonation for you.
    Congratulations you are “Back in the High Life again”.

    Burt Field

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