Welcome Back

Welcome Back
By Robert Haugh

I’m back! With an array of personal issues to tackle, I needed  a brief hiatus from Santa Clara News. Onward and upward!

We will return with daily posts, and will start with highlights from yesterday’s City Council meeting. We will soon also address many recent developments such as the pending appointment of a new City Attorney.

We have received several comments from the community that people really enjoy reading about what’s going on at City Hall, what’s happening in the battle versus the 49ers saga and what’s going on with proposed developments.

In addition to input from readers, we have received amazing feedback that many are interested in helping out financially to keep Santa Clara News alive and well. Santa Clarans truly want a better and more reliable source of the news that matters to them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Welcome back to the site.

Well, almost everyone. We’ve also received some negative and threatening comments which I may share in the future.

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