City Council Recap – Weekday Stadium Curfew Stands and Caserta Erupts … Again

City Council Recap – Weekday Stadium Curfew Stands and Caserta Erupts … Again

By Robert Haugh

We expected some debate, maybe some fireworks, but not another emotional eruption. But Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta erupted again (it starts at 1:57:05). This time it was about the weekday stadium curfew and it was way worse than his previous outburst on the minimum wage issue.

Caserta was so out of line that even the usually even-tempered Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill snapped at him.

IMG_6405Then, during public testimony, beloved long-time Santa Claran Dorothy Rosa admonished Caserta directly for his over-the-top personal attacks on Mayor Lisa Gillmor (It is at 2:58:24). It looked like Rosa wanted to spank Caserta.  (Note to Caserta: Don’t mess with her).

Stadium curfew

Setting aside the entertainment created by Caserta, something substantive did happen. The Council did not change the weekday stadium curfew which stands at 10 p.m. despite the 49ers claim that Ed Sheeran dropped Santa Clara because of it.

Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe started the discussion by reading an articulate statement she prepared that strongly said that the council’s responsibility was to protect neighborhoods and that the current curfew adequately balances private and public interests.

Then O’Neill laid out a detailed public outreach plan to get input from residents, especially those on the Northside, about their feelings about the stadium’s impact.

Caserta interrupted O’Neill and demanded an explanation why the Northside outreach meetings were cancelled and why O’Neill prepared the outreach proposal. Caserta argued that it was not the direction of the council and that it was interference by Gillmor and O’Neill. Here’s the kicker: interim City Manager Rajeev Batra asked O’Neill to put together a plan, and he canceled the outreach meetings because Gillmor asked him why he was scheduling it the Friday before Labor Day and the Tuesday after, when no one would be around. Ouch.

We couldn’t figure out why Batra only appeared at the council meeting at the beginning to take a bow for his years of service and to eat some cake then mysteriously took off. Now, we think we know why. He screwed up the outreach plan. We may have to change his report card and hold him back a grade.

49ers (ManCo) executive Jim Mercurio spoke briefly and answered some softball questions from Caserta. We hope this doesn’t mean that he’s replaced 49ers President Al Guido, the Jim Tomsula of the non-football operations. If so, we may have to nickname Mercurio “Chip.”

Eventually, the Council adopted O’Neill’s plan  including outreach to Sunnyvale and North San Jose. It’s a very rigorous effort that many felt was long overdue.  And it was approved unanimously. Yup. After Caserta raised a huge ruckus, he voted for the plan just like he did with his minimum wage eruption. We’re not sure why he does it, but we’re glad he does or we’d have less to write about. Sorry, Dorothy Rosa.

Marijuana Regulation

The Council voted unanimously (6-0, Caserta absent) to have city staff follow the four-step plan outlined in the agenda, including hiring a consultant to weigh in on the city’s options, which will be presented before April, 2018. A temporary ordinance to ban commercial marijuana dispensaries will be brought forth soon also.

Charter Review Recommendations

The Council noted and filed the draft recommendations from the Charter Review.

At a future date, the recommendations will come back to the Council who has the choice to put it on the 2018 ballot for voter approval.

Mission branch library

After testimony from community members, the Council moved to have city staff accept the lowest suitable bid for the Mission Library renovation. City staff recommended rejecting all bids and starting the bid process again. But the Council and the community did not want to delay since constructions costs are likely to rise. This passed unanimously.



  1. I wanted to see Dorothy Rosa go up on the dais and spank Dom after his repeated temper tantrums and nasty personal attacks!

  2. Robert, can you do a fact check on what Patty was saying? She kept stating that the City Manager can do whatever she wants as far as any number of concerts to go after the 10:00pm Sun-Thurs curfew.

    Patty kept pulling the “I’m a lawyer” card! But even if she is a lawyer, that’s why there are courts. Because two lawyers duke it out!


    Pat Kolstad’s comments were decades out of context. He got called out on it too by a parent that knows how busy kids are these days during the summer.

    If Coldplay goes past the Curfew on Oct 4th, that is both not during summer and on a school night obviously.

  3. The CASSERTA show just gets more and more comical … he demands the mayor make citizens follow the rules but he doesn’t follow the rules himself. He was never acknowledged by the chair and should not have been allowed to even begin his first tantrum.. His outburst interrupted the speaker (Ms. ONeil) who had the floor. When he didn’t stop he should have been gaveled down, warned to stop and then removed by the police, when he began his tantrum. He is required to follow the same rules as the public! And, please can he only have 2 or 3 minutes? His whining begins to sound like nails in a chalkboard after that … madam Mayor please show some mercy, please …

  4. There are a lot of people in this town that know about Casertas dirty little secret at SC High school. He is lucky Rosa didn’t tell the world about it and tell him “shame on you”. Caserta is an embarrassment to our city. He needs to go!!!! He has lost all credibility and is unstable, unprofessional, and mentally unfit to be on the council.

  5. Thanks to the council for doing the right thing. Money, especially from the 49ers, can’t buy everything in Santa Clara. But they’ll try. Last night, they failed. Thank you Lisa Gillmor, Kathy Watanabe, Teresa O’Neill, and Debi Davis.

    And we won’t forget about Dominic Caserta, Patty Mahan, and Pat Kolstad.

  6. Why did Caserta leave early? Does he get paid for the meeting? He’s not only out of control, Caserta is irresponsible.

  7. Caserta Tantrums again!

    Every time Dominic acts like a baby, he loses what little votes he has left. Not caring about the Santa Clara Residents of the north side has got to be the last nail in his coffin in terms of being elected for anything.

  8. Another problem with the north side Outreach meetings was no Stadium Authority members had been invited, as I recall it.

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