Stadium Authority Meeting Preview

Stadium Authority Preview

By Robert Haugh

There are only two action items on tomorrow’s Stadium Authority meeting agenda.

Legal Representation

The Stadium Authority Board will review an ordinance that’ll give the Authority more confidentiality in legal services agreements and disputes. It will also allow the City Attorney to represent the City in all legal actions or proceedings on behalf of the Stadium Authority.

It will also allow the Stadium Authority to hire outside counsel when deemed necessary. Will the Stadium Authority be taking the fight to the 49ers in court for a stronger curfew or other issues?

Community Outreach

The Board will review plans for robust community outreach and engagement, as outlined by Board member Teresa O’Neill at the Sept. 26 meeting.

The staff report says that in the past several years,  “a range of Levi’s Stadium issues had surfaced.”

O’Neill’s draft community outreach/engagement proposal, requested of her by former interim City manager Rajeev Batra, to the displeasure of Board member Dominic Caserta, was developed to determine public opinion, both city-wide and geographically focused, relative to the Stadium.

The proposal is a multi-pronged effort to gather community feedback. Of note, O’Neill is including Sunnyvale and North San Jose in the discussions.

The four major elements include: topics of stadium impacts; targeted community groups, a proposed schedule and process disclosures/requirements.




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