What to Ask Police Chief Mike Sellers

What to Ask Police Chief Mike Sellers

By Robert Haugh

On Monday, Santa Clara Police Chief Mike Sellers will host another “Chat with the Chief.” We reported that it will be at the police department, an unusual location.


But we’re glad he’s open to public questions and we’ll try to be there. We’re wondering what we should ask him. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Or you can email directly via this form. Based on recent news reports and info from multiple sources, here are some issues that would be good:


Mercury News columnist Scott Herhold called for Sellers’ resignation because he’s defended officers action in a recent $6.7 million settlement, the largest payment in the city’s history and a major black mark on the department. Plus, numerous officers have been caught engaged in criminal activity.

$6.7 Million Settlement

Sellers has said publicly that the officers actions were legally defensible even though they did not have a warrant when they entered a home to arrest a teenage girl.


The 49ers told the city that Coldplay would violate the weekday stadium curfew and it was up to Sellers to do something — or nothing. The police department did nothing.


Sellers asked for a raise earlier this year. But the council has not acted on it. Our sources suggest that he won’t get one given his performance.

Narrow Victory

Sellers won re-election last year in historic squeaker. The election results weren’t final for weeks and even we thought he lost. Oops.

No Confidence

Last year, this own department voted “no confidence” on his leadership — the first time in department history.



  1. Ask him why one of his Sargents, Jacob Malae who gets paid over $350,000 annually has the time to coach Bellarmine football as a side job.

    • We should ask why you are concerning yourself with Mr. Malae and not minding your own business? The HATE is real. Then again “Ted” we all know you would never stand toe to toe with him and say this to his face. Coward.

  2. How about asking him why he made a fool of himself and embarrassed our city with all his drama at the council meeting. He should have done his crybaby attack on the mayor in private. We expect that poor behavior from Caserta but not the Chief. Everyone knows he is shady and lied about the audit findings. He clearly works for the 49ers not us Santa Clarans. Time for him to go.

  3. I supported the chief in the last election and I still do. What type of Chief of Police would not support his officers and be happy about a multimillion-dollar settlement for a broken ankle. In terms of the noise ordinance the council had plenty of time to put a large fine and place rather than try to make this a police issue. That would not have been pleasant or safe for the venue.

    I believe the Niners or a large part of the city’s problems. Just because they supported the chief I don’t think he deserves all the negativity he is getting. I’m still and always have been proud of the Santa Clara Police Department. That’s why I don’t believe the Chief of Police should be an elected position. Police work and politics do not mix well.

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