Hewlett Packard Enterprise Moves Global Headquarters to Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced yesterday that it will move its corporate headquarters to Santa Clara from Palo Alto.

HPE will sell the Palo Alto building and relocate employees to the new state-of-the-art offices at 3333 Scott Boulevard, near Bowers Avenue and the always-packed Santa Clara Square.  Santa Clara will be the new global headquarters of HPE by the end of 2018.

HPE also announced that some employees will be moved to other locations in Milpitas and San Jose. It’s good to know that HPE believes that Santa Clara is the “Center of What’s Possible.”

But it looks like San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo didn’t read the press release correctly.

“San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo is spinning the decision as a win for his less-fashionable tail end of Silicon Valley,” writes Simon Sharwood of the Register.

The Mission City is now home to Nvidia, Intel, HPE, as well as countless other major tech companies. According to HPE sources, the company did not demand a curfew extension as part of their move.







  1. Ok…HP is back to Santa Clara..great! Thing was at one time they were here before on Kifer as well the corner of Lawrence and Stevens Creek (think that is Santa Clara). This is of course before the split off of their medical supply part,etc….Good to have you back to Santa Clara!!!…….NOW if we could get our Downtown back in Santa Clara!!!!

  2. I think that would be a nice touch of Teresa cut the ribbon on the new HP HQ.

    I don’t believe a word that Miles says. Whenever he writes something I look a little closer and find out it’s just a Smokescreen, maybe from his pipe. He has credibility Zero.

  3. So much for those nasty rumors being put out by Miles Barber that Mayor Gillmor is anti-business.

    This is a great addition to Santa Clara. Welcome, HP. Wonder if Council member O’Neill will help cut the ribbon?

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