Busy City Council Meeting On Tap (and apparently no closed session)

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting has a long agenda.

At 5 p.m., there will be a joint City Council and Planning Commission dinner meeting. The Planning Commission will provide an update on current and pending potential future projects. Development issues have been one of the most heavily discussed items at Council meetings. We’re interested in what the Commissioners will have to say about this.

The first of many expected discussions of affordable housing will happen as a study session to address housing assistance for teachers. Sonora-based Goldbar Builders will present information on the Housing Affordability for Teacher Stability (HATS) program. The program refers to accessory dwelling units – small “guest homes (a.k.a. cottage, granny unit, in-law’s quarters) built on existing properties.

Funds from the Santa Clara Art & Fine Festival will be presented. $89,000 in proceeds (up by 37 percent – $24,000 from 2016) will be disbursed to: $16,000 each to Santa Clara Friends of the Parks & Recreation Department and Santa Clara Schools Foundation; $15,000 to the Santa Clara Senior Center Health & Wellness Program; $14,000 to Santa Clara Police Activities League; and $8,000 each to Santa Clara High School Grad Night, Wilcox High School Grad Night (a.k.a. Senior Send Off), Rotary Club of Santa Clara, Wade Brummal Youth Sports Grant Program.

A proposed historic preservation ordinance will be reviewed. It would would designate historic preservation principles and practices for the City.

Medical Marijuana

An ordinance amendment would temporarily prohibit all commercial marijuana activity through December 31, 2018, and impose reasonable restriction on indoor marijuana growth for personal use.


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