Santa Clara Police Officers Association Endorses Lisa Gillmor for Mayor

By Pat Nikolai
Santa Clara POA President

The men and women of the Santa Clara Police Officers’ Association enthusiastically support Mayor Lisa Gillmor for re-election in 2018.

Because of Mayor Gillmor, we now see a greater commitment to transparency and accountability at City Hall. The Measure J stadium audit was critical to the discovery and change of weak management practices that violated the law and the will of the voters — especially in regards to public safety costs.


We now have a mayor who will make sure that the interests of Santa Clara residents are paramount. For example, because of Mayor Gillmor’s leadership, the Youth Soccer Park was saved and cannot be bought or sold without a vote of the people.

Mayor Gillmor has also put neighborhood interests ahead of corporate interests. She resisted pressure to change the weekday stadium curfew that would have disrupted many Santa Clara neighborhoods during the workweek and school days.

Finally, Mayor Gillmor is not afraid to challenge city departments when the management is subpar.  And we applaud the excellent new additions of top level administrators at City Hall.  The experience and professionalism they bring to our City will benefit us for years to come.

Mayor Gillmor has been an outstanding leader. In less than two years, she has helped turn around the Mission City.  We like the results and the new direction. So, we fully support Mayor Gillmor and will work hard to help re-elect her.

Editor’s Note: Mayor Lisa Gillmor will be on the November, 2018 ballot. This is a pretty early endorsement. We’ll write about the upcoming Santa Clara elections in the coming weeks.

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  1. I’ll be voting for her and get all my neighbors to do the same. She’s a great mayor for our city. She stopped the 49ers from taking over everything and having their way with Santa Clara.

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