Caserta Misleadingly Claims Only One Contribution from Jed York, But Received at Least $15,000 from 49ers and Affiliates Since 2014

By Robert Haugh

Last week, Vice Mayor Dominic Caserta misleadingly claimed he received just one contribution of $1,000 from Jed York.


At the November 21, 2017, Council meeting, Mayor Lisa Gillmor said in her statement during the Banner PR contract debate, “It’s also unfortunate that we have councilmembers who have taken thousands of dollars from the 49ers and side with the team over Santa Clara residents.”

An angry Caserta erupted: “Madam Mayor, I’ve received contributions in elections before from affiliates and actual employees of the 49ers. I have received $1,000 from Jed York out of 380 different contributions. Take a look. One contribution. One thousand dollars. To say thousands, you’re blatantly lying.”

“Blatantly lying.” Wow. Those are strong words. So is the challenge to “take a look.”

So we had to check Caserta’s contribution reports.

Caserta’s 49ers Contributions

For his current Santa Clara County supervisorial campaign, Caserta has collected $7,500 from 49ers executives and affiliates to date. He reports a $1,000 contribution dated August 8, 2016, from Jed York.  But he also received $500 from former 49er team exec Larry MacNeil who remained as a team consultant.

As for 49ers affiliates supporting his campaign, DevCon Construction is a major one. They built the stadium. Caserta received multiple $1,000 contributions from each of six Devcon employees on August 25, 2016 and September 3, 2016:

  • DevCon President Gary Filizetti,
  • DevCon VP Jonathan Harvey,
  • DevCon VP Peggy Schatzman,
  • DevCon VP Bret Sisney,
  • DevCon VP Peter Coprivizia,
  • DevCon VP Daisey Pereira.

In his 2014 Santa Clara City Council campaign, Caserta received $7,500 from 49ers executives and other related affiliates. Here’s the list. All were $500 contributions:

May 2, 2014

  • Hannah Gordon, 49ers Legal Counsel
  • Cipora Herman, 49ers CFO
  • Al Guido, 49ers VP
  • James Brandt, 49ers VP
  • Larry MacNeil, 49ers VP
  • Scott Sabatino, 49ers Accountant
  • Ethan Carson, 49ers Chief Revenue Officer
  • Paraag Marathe, 49ers President
  • Alison Towle, 49ers VP
  • John York, 49ers Co-chairman

May 16, 2014

  • DevCon VP Jonathan Harvey,
  • DevCon President Gary Filizetti,
  • DevCon VP Bret Signey,
  • DevCon VP Daisey Pereira.

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So, Gillmor was right about Caserta. He has “taken thousands of dollars from the 49ers.”

If anyone should get a Pinocchio nose for a false statement, it’s Caserta.

What About Mahan?

Councilwoman Patty Mahan usually sides with Caserta and the 49ers on issues.  She defended herself at the November 21 meeting saying that she has only received a total of $1,000 in 49er contributions. That’s accurate. But she also received free game tickets as Ramona Giwargis of the Mercury News reported.

Editor’s Note:  I’ve reported on Caserta’s fundraising since my days working at the Santa Clara Weekly. His 49ers contributions raised eyebrows back then. Caserta’s donations from developers for his 2014 council race also had many buzzing.

Caserta seems to attract fundraising controversy like the WWE attracts steroid scandals.



  1. Yes, Robert. Why was it necessary for Dominic to return campaign contributions? That seems interesting.

    • Candidates can accept a voluntary campaign expenditure limit. At the end of the election cycle, they must refund or donate excess to non-profits. In caserta’s 2014 race, he had almost $20,000 in excess to refund or donate.

  2. Thanks for doing the research Robert. I haven’t had a chance to further talk to Rod yet but this information should be available with one click on the City website.

  3. Amazing, thank you Robert for exposing this. You are a true value and asset to the community. Count me as customer #1 whenever you go to sign up subscribers.
    Any true Santa Clara resident who pays any attention to what has gone on with our City clearly understands who is working for us the residents and who is not. No need to get mad about it, just remember who to vote for when next November comes up.

  4. Once again FALSE Mr. Haugh, the contributions from 2014 for Caserta’s council race, which he won, from the Niner employees was refunded.

    Also, how much money did Gillmor receive from Niners and their affiliates in her council race? Or why don’t you also report how Gillmor admitting to giving cash to candidates in the 1990s that violated the FFPC and civil law?

    There you go again, getting things wrong and libeling good folks. You are a JOKE! Cover authentic news like the FPPC violations of Davis and Watanabe or the disgusting comments made by O’Neill about cancer survivors.

    You are so predictable Robert, no wonder you were fired from the Weekly!

    • Caserta you are the joke of the town. You act like a fool, have tantrums and lie every time you talk. And you’re still comenting with these alias names. You are a sad little man. Don’t quit your day job.

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