How The 49ers Influence Santa Clara Elections

By Robert Haugh

Community activist and Charter Review Committee member Hosam Haggag recently connected the dots on how the 49ers are influencing Mission City politics.


This isn’t new, as it was  widely speculated in 2016 that the billion dollar NFL team was behind the infamous dark money group, BluPAC — and they won’t deny it.

The full piece can be viewed here

Here’s the “Cliff Notes” version:

  • Jamie Matthews – Mayor when 49ers attempted to take over the Youth Soccer Park. Received $1,000s from 49ers in contributions in elections.
  • Patty Mahan – 49ers booster received multiple donations from 49ers and was booster of Measure J. Sides with 49ers on almost all occasions, including curfew extension.
  • Dominic Caserta – Received thousand of dollars from 49ers and related entities in election campaigns. Supported 49ers on several items such as curfew extension.
  • Noelani Pearl Hunt (nee Sallings) – Received campaign contributions from 49ers and supported soccer field take-away by using Santa Clara Unified School District fields as a pawn.
  • Eric Stroker – Works or worked for Ed McGovern & Associates Consulting – was a field organizer for Measure J.
  • Robert Rubin – Serial CVRA lawsuit filer – makes a living filing lawsuits against municipalities. Sent a letter to Matthews in 2011, letter mysteriously reappears just before CVRA lawsuit is filed.
  • Ed McGovern – Owner of McGovern & Associates Consulting. Primary lobbyist and consultant for 49ers and was a key member of Measure J campaign.

This all circles back to the 49ers who would like to ensure they can easily manipulate and control politics in the Mission City.



  1. I was born and have lived here for over seventy years,going back to the destruction of our , old town to the building of Levi stadium. special interest groups have paddes the palms of our elected officials within our City Government. They controll what has happen before and will continue to happen as long as we vote people in that are corrupt and can be swayed with a handful of cash.

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