BREAKING NEWS: Unions To Picket New Nob Hill Grocery Store Starting Tomorrow

By Robert Haugh

A picket line will form on Friday in front of Nob Hill Foods at Monroe Street and Lawrence Expressway. They just opened — about a week ago. It’s the first ever Nob Hill grocery store in Santa Clara and located in the new Monticello Apartment Homes mixed use complex.

Nob Hill Santa Clara to be Picketed
The newly opened Nob Hill Foods at the Monticello Village Apartments will be picketed by Labor representatives.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Local 5 called for the picket:

“In an unprecedented action, the Raley’s Corporation of Sacramento has set out on a Union Busting campaign by opening their first Nob Hill food store non-union and obstructing UFCW Local 5 from organizing the workers. This unprecedented attack on organized labor will not go unanswered.”

Those are strong words.

In addition to the picket, we hear from labor sources that they will demand candidates return political contributions from the Irvine Company, the developers of the Monticello complex.

What Will Caserta Do?

This may put one candidate for County Supervisor in an uncomfortable spot. Santa Clara Councilman Dominic Caserta has been a big supporter of Irvine and taken contributions from them.

Caserta was co-endorsed by Labor along with San Jose Councilman Don Rocha.

But Caserta also brags about his business support. Here’s what his campaign said in a January 19, 2018 press release:

“The Chamber of Commerce leadership PAC chose to offer its sole endorsement to Caserta, citing the most pragmatic and business-friendly track record.”  

Will Caserta try and mediate this dispute since he has the Labor endorsement and “the most pragmatic and business-friendly track record”? Or will he be on the picket line on Friday? Our sources say Rocha will likely be there.


This story will be interesting to watch as it develops. It could have an impact in the June supervisorial primary. Stay tuned.




  1. This store is a big plus to my neighborhood. I will continue to shop there to support them against the union. The union is trying store busting tactics. I encoiurage others to also support the store.

    • When tech companies wont even look at your job application if your over age 50, companies like Nob Hill Foods are a God send for people desperately looking for any work.

    • Manny! this is an blog piece over a year old. one had to go dig it up. is nob hill where Casherta is working these days….oh wait! he’s got a cash cow in SCUSD paying him $12k a month because no one had any cahonnas to call him out for taking advanatage of those girls in his classes.

    • Its true its a year old but the Union is still out in front of the store daily around 3pm picketting and the pickets dont work at the store and the store employee’s dont want to join the Union because they are satisfied with their pay and benefits (I asked several of them)

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