City Council Meeting Preview – City Clerk Process

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Council meeting addresses the City Clerk position.

The City Council will consider options related to the vacancy as well as weigh in on options for ballot questions pertaining to an elected City Clerk.

The majority of the City Council previously said that they would like Santa Clara voters to weigh in on whether the City Clerk should be appointed or elected. Currently, the position requires only two things- being a registered voter, and a resident in the City.

Other Topics

  • An early consideration of a proposed general plan amendment application for 4249 Cheeney Street will be reviewed. The project proposes nine 2-story dwelling units on an undeveloped site. The units will be approximately 1,935 square feet each. The applicant is Saul Flores, owner of Ground Zero Construction. He acquired the property in September, 2017. San Francisco-based Stanton Architecture submitted the plans.
  • A closed session item will allow discussion of 1060 Benton Street. The City Council will discuss acquiring from Prometheus, a residential real estate developer who owns the Park Central Apartments, for a public use easement or fee interest in a portion of the property to accommodate a possible future extension of Franklin Street and Washington Street. This is a key parcel for the group that wants to revitalize downtown Santa Clara around the Old Quad as we’ve previously reported.  Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilmembers Dominic Caserta and Patty Mahan won’t be able to participate because they own property in the area.

City Council Preview





  1. The June vote is supposed to be informational only and non-binding … what happened to that commitment? This council and mayor and city attorney and city manager are getting more and more deceptive all the time! Maybe it’s time to flush the toilet again in City Hall! An open, transparent and honest government commitment seems to have disappeared from Lisa’s actions all together. Shame on her and her girls.

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