BREAKING NEWS: Potential Victims (Plural!) of Sexual Harassment or Misconduct by City Councilman Dominic Caserta File Police Reports

By Robert Haugh

This is a major development in the story. It’s horrible news for Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta and those who are denying, covering up, or down playing this story, like the Santa Clara Weekly.

You can read the brief but important press release yourself below:





  1. I can’t imagine Caserta will do the right thing. What will the horny little narcissist do. I haven’t seen a comment from his business partner the 49er’s.

  2. Disgusting. The Weekly is not a real newspaper. Carolyn Schuk is not a real journalist.

    • All the more reason the City of Santa Clara should not be doing business with/paying the SC Weakly. It’s a Shan newspaper that Miles and company are running.

      Santa Clara News and Metro/San Jose Inside still believe in old school professional ethics and investigational journalism held to high standards.

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