Four Potential Victims File Criminal Complaints Against Caserta; He’s a No-Show at Candidates Forum Last Night

By Robert Haugh

Late yesterday, the Santa Clara Police Department reported that multiple potential victims filed criminal complaints of sexual harassment and misconduct against Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta.

Later in the evening, news reports say it’s four people so far. Wow.

Two days ago, Robert Handa of NBC Bay Area was criticized by a lot of people online for doing a lengthy interview with Caserta that allowed the councilman to defend himself. Handa did not interview any potential victims. Many people considered the piece an unfair and unbalanced story.

So yesterday, Handa did another story. He talked to 19-year-old Lydia Jungkind a former Caserta student and campaign worker. She was really eloquent and believable as she told her story of Caserta’s sexual harassment and unwanted physical touching, including kissing.

You can watch her on this video. And Caserta’s response, too.

Last night, KTVU’s Azenith Smith also interviewed Caserta and Jungkind. This is worth watching. You can see the shock on Caserta’s face when he learns about the four criminal charges.

Caserta claims in both news stories that he will show up next Tuesday at the council meeting to tell his story. It’ll be a packed room.

But Caserta was a no show last night at a supervisorial candidates’ forum in Willow Glen. Here’s the photo:

Last night’s Willow Glen Neighborhood Association County Supervisor Forum. Dominic Caserta was a no-show. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

We think the odds are less than 60/40 that he shows up on Tuesday, despite his pledge to do so.


  1. So Robert, maybe you can answer this or find out since weekly isn’t covering this and havnt heard you cover it
    Who requested the records of Caserta ? That’s public knowledge of who requested right ?
    And the leak who leaked it ,it must have a senders email
    What’s disturbing is the allegations along with the fact of the leak and records request
    Be great to know if you can report that it would help this entire story

  2. “You can see the shock on Caserta’s face when he learns about the four criminal charges.”

    You should edit this sentence. Four complaints have reportedly been made about behavior on the part of Caserta that, if true, would surely be inappropriate, but may or may not be criminal.

    Complaints about inappropriate behavior are not tantamount to complaints about criminal behavior, and certainly are not equivalent to law enforcement authorities filing actual criminal charges.

    No criminal charges have been filed against Caserta.

    • “Where there is smoke, there is fire” is the cliche that comes to mind.

  3. Caserta should show up Tuesday. He owes a lot of answers and apologies to his victims and Santa Clarans.

  4. Caserta appears to be Santa Clara’s Roy Moore on steroids. Jungkind’s interview is chilling.

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