Santa Clara POA Poll: Cops Are Popular, 49ers Are Not and Voters Happy to See Dominic Caserta Go

By Robert Haugh

A couple sources have shared with us some information from a poll that the Santa Clara Police Officers Association (POA) did in May, right before the June primary.

Here’s some interesting tidbits:

Seriously, the POA should be proud of their number, even though it’s from their own poll. But it’s consistent with other polling that also shows them to be just as popular —  although not as popular as firefighters. (Sorry, POA).

The police department has had some recent setbacks with lawsuits. But it looks like Santa Clarans are blaming Chief Mike Sellers and the top brass for the problems, not the front line officers. It probably helps that the POA does some good community and charity work, too.

This poll is also consistent with the extensive polling and focus groups done by the City a few months ago. That work showed that Mission City residents don’t trust the 49ers. Maybe the team needs to take lessons from the POA.

Thanks again to our sources who gave us some info from the POA poll. We know that there’s additional questions and info that we didn’t get. We haven’t given up. Stay tuned.


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