Welcome Back Miles Barber

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara Weekly Lobbyist/Publisher Miles Barber has returned.

After taking some time off because of an illness, he’s back with his column. He himself reports that he had pneumonia in early July that put him in the hospital for a week. He was sidelined at home for two months.

We wished him well when we heard he was sick. We’re glad to hear it’s nothing more serious.

Barber has also been seen out and about at places around the Mission City.

He was at a Chamber of Commerce directors’ meeting recently. That might not be the best place to be for someone on the road to recovery.

He was also front and center at the Anthony Becker for Mayor kickoff event on August. So he’s another leader of Team Becker. That’s not a surprise since Barber has been attacking Mayor Lisa Gillmor for years in his columns.

Lately, he’s been seen lunching at Mariani’s Inn, the site that fellow Chamber director Lou Mariani wants to develop. Mariani employed Barber as a lobbyist for the development project. Then Mariani replaced Barber with former Councilman Kevin Moore.

As many of you know I used to work for Barber at the Weekly for 10 years. We’ve had our differences in the past. He even sued me for expressing my opinions on this site. But because of the generous help of many of you, I beat him in court.

Despite all that, I personally wish him well — and welcome back.


  1. I almost feel sorry for Miles. One thing we can be sure of, he isn’t as nasty to everyone because it makes him happy. He just seems determined to make everyone around him as unhappy as he is.

  2. Dorothy —

    You’re right that Miles has lost it. He attacks city staff verbally at meetings. He gets publicly reprimanded by city staff for his abuse. He attacks the Mayor in print. He attacks councilwomen in print. He lobbies for a huge development that will destroy a neighborhood. He writes about it in print. Guy has no morals.

    But Robert is showing some class in welcoming him back. Even though he is not that welcome.

  3. Well I don’t welcome him back ! I am sick and tired of the same old thing. His only object in life, is insulting our Mayor. Why don’t he talk about what is going on in our city? I know why, because -he does not know !!!! He better be thankful for the Mayor we have—without her , he would have nothing to write about..

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