City Council Preview: Beloved Parade of Champions to Return; KoreaTown and More

By Robert Haugh

Here are some of the items scheduled for tomorrow night’s City Council and Stadium Authority meeting:

  • The Council will consider a request for City financial support to bring back the Parade of Champions. The parade is planned for September 28, 2019. Reclaiming Our Downtown has been a huge proponent of bringing back this event. Ana Vargas-Smith has been championing the idea and is the Parade of Champions organization Chair. The organization is requesting a $15,000 community grant for the event. In all, the event is expected to cost approximately $111,000 — with most coming from sponsorship and fundraising. It is long overdue for this beloved event to return.

  • City staff will give an update on the Convention Center operator transition. The Evo Sports Expo on Saturday, Match 16, looks like the last scheduled event under the old management.

  • Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Silicon Valley President Ken Kim is requesting to proclaim a section of El Camino Real as KoreaTown. This could get interesting, since the Mission City has passed on opportunities to in the past to create segregated business areas.

  • During closed session, Council will address a “threat to public services or facilities,” and will meet with Police Chief Mike Sellers.  We’re guessing this is related to Levi’s Stadium, but our sources are mum on the item.

  • Also in closed session, the City and Cedar Fair, the corporate owner of California’s Great America will be negotiating property lease/sale/exchange for 4701 Great America Parkway/2600 Tasman Drive. The Great America Parkway address is part of the theme park and Boomerang Bay. The Tasman address is the Levi’s Stadium “red lot 1” and “red lot vip” parking lots – historically the overflow parking lots for the theme park.

  • Looks like the Stadium Authority will continue the item about the 49ers’ alleged improper disclosure of a contract exceeding $250,000 with NEx Systems for Stadium floor improvements to March 27. The team said they took the lowest bidder. But the board members (most of them) want proof.


  1. Seems ironic since it was the Korean contingent that partnered with those suing the city and forcing districts on us, against the city charter.

    I have long been a proponent of districts but don’t like having a judge force them on us the way it was. I have never been a proponent of segregation and to make an exception for the group that sided sided against us is a little brazen.

    If someone doesn’t like me making it sound like us against them, remember I’m not the one that choose sides.

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