AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week — Kevin Moore and Carolyn Schuk

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

 Former Councilman Kevin Moore is still a lobbyist for the Kylli mega development.

The Kylli team left him out of their press release. But if anyone can convince the Mission City we need a “Hong Kong” built in the Northside, it’s him.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Santa Clara Weekly/SV Voice reporter Carolyn Schuk gets corrected by the City again for an article she wrote. Her story was mouthing the 49ers‘ line about how they really need to change the curfew that they agreed to in 2014.

Schuk has been corrected twice this year — and it’s only February. Will she make it to a dozen by December?


  1. when you say the Kyli is “the best of the week”, no wonder why so many lifetime Santa Clarans are leaving they are tired of the drastic changes and bias. We need housing….but 60 story buildings is a little excessive for our suburbia. Essentially the best of the week is the same person (people) that brought the stadium…….and that seems to be working very well, right ?
    and Sam Singer involvement is i feel a conflict, specially when he was a political consultant spin doctor…. opps my bad, the cities communications consultant. Planning Commission Chair Jain is right.
    This city is very incestual with its business and political dealings.

  2. Funny you give them both an award this week. Neither Moore or Schuk are respected at city hall. They’re both shills for the 49ers. They aren’t honest. They can’t get meetings with anyone because they’re not professional or trustworthy. They’re hurting our city with what they do. They’re ANTI Santa Clara.

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