Guardino Re-appointed to California Transportation Commission

By Robert Haugh
Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) CEO Carl Guardino was reappointed to California Transportation Commission earlier this month.
Carl Guardino
SVLG CEO Carl Guardino

Guardino runs the SVLG, a local business group that lobbies for transportation measures. They lobby for other issues, too. They’ve been active in housing and taxation and legislation, especially those that impact businesses.

Guardino has been active in our local transportation sales taxes and has made appearances over the years at City Hall to push for those measures.

He’ll get $100 per diem for his commission service according to a press release that SVLG sent out.

According to Transparent California, Guardino got $5,900 for his services on the Commission in 2018.
In 2014, he got a lot more — $9,300 for the year.
That money is on top of his SVLG salary. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that in 2015 Guardino was paid $792,278.
Yup, almost $800K per year. That’s not a typo. And that was three years ago.
According to a former employee, the SVLG has a big drop off between Guardino’s salary and everyone else’s. Most employees get paid like they’re working for a non-profit.
Forgot to mention that the SVLG is a non-profit.
Congratulations to Guardino for the re-appointment. Let’s hope he keeps the per diem charges down.


  1. Makes sense that he works for a nonprofit — little real accountability. And he’s appointed to a government position — even less accountability. The Calif Transp Commission is a disaster. Just look at the Bay Area traffic mess. And we pay a lot for failed systems like Muni and VTA. If we paid little, I wouldn’t complain. But we pay high taxes for lousy results — the worst of both worlds.

    Maybe the real business community will wake up and hold someone accountable for failure like they actually do in the private sector.

  2. The glory of one’s public life must be balanced by the one’s private activities. Carl shall be judged ultimately by his public and private actions.

  3. Thank you for writing about this, especially Mr. Guardino’s compensation. As former SVLG employees know, the salary structure is not fair. What many don’t know is that Mr. Guardino gets money from a variety of sources like the CTC to supplement his already excessive salary.

  4. Wow, and Deanna Santana keeps getting slammed for her salary and she doesn’t work for a non-profit!! Maybe Carl could donate some of that money to the bullet train project!! Choo! Choo!!

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