City Publicly Corrects Weekly’s Carolyn Schuk Reporting — Again

By Robert Haugh

In January, City staff issued a public correction of “inaccurate and misleading articles” that appeared in the Santa Clara Weekly/Silicon Valley Voice written by Carolyn Schuk and Publisher/Lobbyist Miles Barber.  

But now it’s February. So time for another correction of another Schuk story.  

This time, Schuk wrote about the curfew from the 49ers and a concert promoter’s perspective.  

But Schuk didn’t really fact check anything or get the City’s perspective. That’s a big mistake for a reporter.

Here are some interesting facts that the City put out that was missing in Schuk’s article:

  • the 49ers have been booking money losing events since they began managing Levi’s Stadium.

  • one concert date alone lost the Santa Clara Stadium Authority over $2 million.

  • the 49ers give away tens of thousands of free tickets at a financial loss to the Stadium Authority.

Here’s what the City concludes about Schuk’s reporting:

The article is just one example of the media and 49ers’ choosing to highlight only the events that slant the story on the “curfew”, without discussing the other money losing events or free giveaways that cost the Stadium Authority money.


Looks like Schuk forgot about a news release that the City put out last October.

Here are some important facts from that news release:

  • non-NFL events held at the Stadium on average have brought in between $45,000 to $55,000 per event to the General Fund.

  • On an annual basis, the 49ers book several non-NFL events that lose between $3 to $3.6 million, which offset the net revenue from the weekend events, such as concerts and soccer matches that do make money.

But if Schuk doesn’t want to read City news releases for facts, she can check out some of our stories for facts. Just last month, we wrote about the curfew, too.

Anyone honestly following this story knows that the 49ers agreed to the curfew when the stadium opened — in 2014! Now they want to change it.

But the City doesn’t trust them because Jed York broke his promise on the Youth Soccer Park. And the team tried (unsuccessfully) to lower their own rent.  And they purposely broke the law by violating the curfew a few times. And they’re withholding documents …

Maybe the solution to the curfew and concerts is to have someone else manage the stadium. The City needs a good manager who won’t lose money, and who they can trust.


  1. Oh leave Ms Shuck alone, you’ll force her to drink her sorrows away with this bullying you are giving her …. Oh wait she does that already, never mind.

  2. The SC Weekly is just a modern day version of the he man woman haters club if you think about the people they constantly attack. They just use Shuck’s name to cover the 49ers poor writing abilities. Wake up, Santa Clara! Look at who is trying to control this town. A bunch of old men who don’t want to lose control. Instead they attack strong women who are exposing them for their weaknesses. Pull the plug already on this rag of a paper. The City has better things to do than be the teacher correcting the students poorly written essays! Just put a big F on the Weekly.

  3. Can you imagine a bought and paid for opinion in the Weakly? Miles Barber and Carolyn Schmuck deserve each other, but Santa Clara doesn’t.

  4. Why don’t the 49ers management just stop and admit they don’t know what they are doing just like on the field? They sold a bill of goods to Santa Clara and unfortunately the majority of residents believed them. Yep, we’re stuck with them but continuing to sell a bad deal through an equally bad weakly newspaper doesn’t help especially with an equally bad wine drinking reporter.. The weakly is nothing more than a rinse recycle and regurgitate Enquirer. The only thing the weakly is good for is pets cages.

  5. Carolyn Schuk is a Journalistic JOKE! Corrected by the City of Santa Clara for FAKE news, thank you Deanna Santana for your leadership by putting the record straight. We, the residents of Santa Clara applaud you for stopping the cruel, abrasive misleading opinionated narrative from the gossip rag known as the WEAKLY!
    It is a known fact that the 49ers actually write her stories against the Mayor, Council and City Manager.
    So maybe Miles Barber should bill the 49ers for their journalistic contribution. Suggestion, more 49er advertising for the WEAKLY? We heard that Schuk is a real cracker jack reporter.

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