Kylli’s Mega Development Hires New Team and Consultants

By Robert Haugh

Early last year, Kylli proposed a mega development near Levi’s Stadium on the old Yahoo! site.

Kylli is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese company Genzon Investment Group Co., Ltd.

In the last two months, they’ve sent out a couple press releases announcing new hires:

  • Randi Gerson, VP of Real Estate Development

  • Andrea Jones, Senior Director of Development

  • Nicola Yem, Head of Marketing

  • Tim Woloshyn, Director of Development

They’ve got a lot of experience with development, but nothing in Santa Clara.

Kylli also has on their team Singer and Associates. That’s a familiar name. Sam Singer is a communications consultant for the City. According to our sources, there’s no legal conflict of interests if he’s working on development projects.

But the press releases left out a prominent name — Kevin Moore.  So we had to ask. Singer’s team confirmed that Kevin is still a registered lobbyist for the project.

Good thing for Kylli. Moore is a former Santa Clara Councilman. A lot of people say he is single-handedly responsible for Levi’s Stadium being built in the Mission City.  In fact, Moore even wrote a book about how he did it.

Moore is the only one on the Kylli team who understands Santa Clara and has successfully made a big project happen in the Northside.

60-Story Towers, 6,000 Housing Units

And the Kylli proposal is big … it’s actually mega big.

It’s currently zoned for 3 million square feet of office. The Kylli team wants to double it. They’re talking lots of high rises. When they made a presentation to the Council in January 2018, they said towers could be between 36-60 stories tall. Wow.

The proposal is for a mixed-use development and includes 6,000 units of housing. That’s an additional 12,000 to 18,000 residents in the Northside. Double wow.

Planning Commission Chair Suds Jain testified for himself (not the Commission) at that meeting. He said it’s way too big and compared it to Hong Kong developments. Triple wow.

The Kylli team will be organizing more community meetings this year.

Here’s a suggestion. Since they’re on the old Yahoo! site and since they’re proposing a mega development, maybe they should add an exclamation point to their name and make it Kylli!


    • I went to the first “community meeting” about a year ago at the Northside Library. Met with the developer and architect. They asked me what I wanted – I told them, development is fine, but this was too heavy on office, and would make affordability worse (jobs:housing ratio). I said the building heights should be lowered to something more similar to Rivermark, more in line with the area. They had none of it, wanted to have some kind of grand landmark, and said “even Rivermark was opposed but now you like it”. Unfortunately it seemed to me that the “community meetings” were just window dressing, and only asking about little things like bike trails and community rooms.

      Seems to me that this developer is looking for ways to get their $$$ out of China, and Santa Clara is a good vehicle to make it happen.

  1. This is a huge mistake and our city government is only thinking of $$$$$ not thinking of the congestion in the area. They have already in the last 5 years added about 32,000 people but have done zero about infrastructure. You can’t make our roads wider and not all of he people will be taking VTA. We do not need all of this congestion talk to the people who live in the area for their opinions you are just making it worse not better.

  2. Hey BevMo loves KevMo, what skin do you have in this game? I, and other SC residents will be severely impacted by a development this size and any that are influenced by it.

  3. Perhaps along with creating a 20 block Downtown precise plan with added new residents to help our community commttees, let’s create a 2019 precise plan for our city led by residents. No more project by project in our town. We do not want mega projects on the north side. And what about aging infrastructure – sewers, pipe lines? Citizens who live here want to help -share.

  4. Ivy L I think Kevin Moore already lives in another city, he’s another one that left and didn’t tell anyone. In fact rumor was he never really lived here when he was on council he stayed at his parents house and made out he was a resident.

  5. I was at their meeting yesterday and suggested the BMR/BMP program for upper median income families. I would like to see 15 percent of those BMP units for purchase. Santa Clarans that either work or were born in Santa Clara are having a hard time purchasing property in Santa Clara. I also hope that 15 percent can be soon raised to 50 percent for the BMR/BMP program. Current home purchase prices are way out of reach for a very high percentage of people living and working in Santa Clara.

  6. Ughh what a monster. I bet the city wants it to make up for the tax revenue we lost over the niners. Please lets get real and remember the children, who wants your child to grow up in this Ghetto.

    • Mega, I am not sure the ‘city’ wants this monster. I bet YIMBY is in love with it, though. And not to mention YIMBY supporters.

  7. Go Kev!. You’re the man that can make it happen. Write a book about how you saved this development from drowning too.

  8. Bringing Levi’s Stadium to Santa Clara is a good thing? Maybe Kevin Moore should move to another city rather than trying to destroy the quality of life here.

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