Breaking News: Santa Clara University Community Law Center Investigating 49ers Potential Violation of State Wage Laws

By Robert Haugh

Recently, the 49ers/Manco and the City received notice that Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center at Santa Clara University is concerned about the team’s potential violation of California state wage laws.

Santa Clara University_200px

According to multiple sources, the Law Center is starting an investigation.

Two weeks ago, the 49ers/Manco received a Notice of Breach of Agreement from the Stadium Authority (SA).

SA Executive Director Deanna Santana said that the team can’t demonstrate compliance with proper bidding and adherence to California Prevailing Wage Statutes. Wow.

At last month’s SA meeting, Santana said she was explaining things to the Stadium Manager/49er exec Jim Mercurio. But “there just wasn’t that knowledge base to even know how to comply.” Double wow.

The 49ers/ManCo have about 15 days left to cure their breach. And the SA staff started an audit and have requested all contracts.

Now, it looks like the Law Center thinks it’s a big deal, too. According to multiple sources, Ruth Silver Taube will be leading the effort. She’s a highly respected attorney with expertise in labor issues. Taube is the Supervising Attorney for Employment Rights at the Law Center.

This is a developing story. It’s a potentially big one, too.



  1. Not that I am a 49er fan but what standing does the Community Law Center at Santa Clara University have?
    Not that I think anything bad for the 49ers is good but it does make them look less like the consummate professionals some ‘journalists’ portray them as.

  2. Does it take a crime to get rid of these non-performers?

    You would hope there’s an RFP out there to replace this dead weight. Manco has shown their incompetence in every aspect of the business they’re contracted to manage.

    Best have a spare tire for this potential blowout.

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