AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week — Santa Clara University Community Law Center and Police Chief Mike Sellers

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

TheKatharine & George Alexander Community Law Center at Santa Clara University is concerned about the 49ers’ potential violation of California state wage laws. The Center gets kudos for looking out for workers.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Police Chief Mike Sellers had to be asked at the Council meeting to comment on illegal racing and sideshows. Then, he didn’t say much. It looks like he hasn’t been doing anything about this even though the problem has been going on for a while.

One comment

  1. having been a northside resident and impacted by stadium events (another one to take place this weekend with monsterjam) i have seen the intrusion into neighborhoods. i attended pre-stadium meetings where the chief spoke about neighborhood security to happen during events. still waiting. and waiting. it seems after 4 seasons the kinks would have been worked out. still waiting. what is the problem? maybe an expert in professional sports events and traffic management is warranted? what galls me is there are so many problems with event traffic, etc. for football games, concerts, etc. yet a neighborhood resident emailed me and my neighbors about shutting down our street last halloween to allow pedestrian traffic and keep street safe. scpd helped the efforts and the resident even followed up with my neighbors to see how it all went. really? is this done after stadium events? i don’t see any surveys asking for my opinion. am i missing something? isn’t scpd to represent all neighborhoods not just one where their friends live. oh, and i have heard the street racing at all hours of the night. from a resident and i am sure many others, please focus on the promises made and what i and many others voted for to help bring a stadium to the northside. thank you.

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