AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week —  The Santa Clara City Council and the Santa Clara Unified School District

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

The Santa Clara City Council has a new friend … or Friendship City — Icheon City, Republic of Korea.  It was made official at the Council meeting this week. Santa Clara has a great Korean business community so this connection makes a lot of sense.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

The Santa Clara Unified School District has been paying disgraced former City Councilman Dominic Caserta about $12,000 a month for paid administrative leave. Wow. He left the Council and his job about a year ago when sexual harassment and sexual abuse allegations came out.

That’s a long time for an investigation. They’re also paying a lot of lawyers to deal with a Caserta complaint and possible lawsuit asking for $38 million. Double wow. The fact that they’re considering paying him anything has a lot of Santa Clarans riled up. It’s like they have money to burn since getting Mission City residents to pass a recent parcel tax.

Editor’s Note: SCUSD board member Jim Canova responded late for our story.

The story has been updated. Canova endorsed Caserta in 2008 for Assembly. But not since. Looks like Board member Albert Gonzalez was the only Caserta for Supervisor endorser.

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