Jed York is Chair of Board of Levi’s Stadium Vendor — Another Conflict of Interest?

By Robert Haugh

We broke the story that 49ers exec and Stadium Manager Jim Mercurio looks like he has a serious conflict of interest.  

He makes decisions about stadium vendors and one of them is VenueNext. The company is a “sports and entertainment technology integrator.” Mercurio bought or received between $10,001 – $100,000 of stock in VenueNext.

We only know this because Mercurio is the Stadium Manager. So he is legally required to fill out a California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 700. It’s the form that lists financial interests so the public knows if a decision maker has a conflict of interest when doing the public’s business.

After our story ran, an inside source gave us some more info. We learned that 49ers CEO Jed York is also the Chairman of the Board of VenueNext.  We confirmed it by checking out the company’s website:

York doesn’t have to fill out Form 700. So we don’t know how much stock he has as the Chairman. Our source didn’t know either. But our source says he was “instrumental in cutting the deal” between Levi’s Stadium and VenueNext.

That makes sense if you check out VenueNext’s slogan:

City Hall sources say there will likely be an FPPC investigation. This is a developing story.


  1. Is everybody surprised over all the conflicts of interest either it be individuals from stadium management or an owner of a franchise, or even elected officials? is any one surprised as a voter when you find out what they all do ?

    I am not surprised, it’s no secret many have their fingers in everyone’s pie.

    VOTERS 2010: Ya lets do this, this is a good deal written by our leaders
    CITY 2010: There is no conflicts this is good deal for our city

    VOTERS 2019: What the hell happened ? why so many problems
    CITY 2019: We have no idea what happened, why did the voters vote for this ? we have your best interests in mind

    ME 2019: Why is everyone shocked ? Didn’t need Nostradamus to see this coming

  2. KevMo is the man! If he says VenueNext is the bomb then they are the bomb! Yeah, okay, Kev’s hitman is a sleaze. He’s what we call tonto del pueblo. But Kev is not a sleaze. He’s the MAN.

  3. Can you check to see if Kevin Moore is the lobbyist? Next think you know, Moore’s henchman will start attacking you and supporting VenueNext in letters in the WEAKLY. They are sleaze balls.

  4. This smells so bad that it can’t be anything other than a conflict of interest for Big Jim and Junior York. Did someone say self-dealing? They took a playbook page from Miles Barbar. 100-yard penalty! Time for a turnover!!

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