49ers Stadium Manager Jim Mercurio Owns Stock in Stadium Vendor in Possible Financial Conflict of Interests

By Robert Haugh

Last year, 49ers Stadium Manager and Exec Jim Mercurio had to fill out a Form 700.

As we reported, the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) ruled that the Stadium Manager for the 49ers stadium management company must fill out Form 700 — just like an elected official. It’s the form that lists financial interests so the public knows if a decision maker has a conflict of interest when doing the public’s business.

Recently, there’s been some interest in Form 700 in the Mission City. A frivolous lawsuit about Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s Form 700 was rejected by the court this month.

Now, according to a Santa Clara source, Mercurio will have to explain his ownership of VenueNext, a “sports and entertainment technology integrator.” It’s on page 2 of Mercurio’s Form 700 below.

Mercurio either purchased or received stock from VenueNext. His Form 700 says he owns between $10,001 and $100,000 of the stock.

VenueNext got a major contract at Levi’s Stadium. They brag about it on their website.

The FPPC said in their advice letter last year:

“This means that the individual who works for the 49ers Stadium Management Company who makes procurement decisions on behalf of the City’s Stadium Authority is subject to the Authority’s Conflict of Interest Code.”

This looks like it’ll be the first conflict of interests test for the stadium and stadium manager Mercurio. And this case doesn’t look frivolous.


  1. Manco has to go! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end. The first bite of a big elephant.

  2. Please remind us why having a stadium in Santa Clara was a good thing for the residents … oh yeh it was to line the pockets of those that brought us the deal and xxxx over the rest of us

    How many more years before we can fill this thing in? and return it back to what it should be…. a Parking lot, because Lord knows we have no parking in this city.

    • Unfortunately, the city would still have to pay back the – what – $700m – bonds it took out for stadium construction, so I fear the time has passed for that…

  3. You can tell it’s Becker because it has that special level of lameness. When he speaks for himself it’s very obvious, dumb and dumber.

  4. Romulus — come on, man. My buddy Kev Moore made the stadium happen! He might have shared info now and then with both sides but he did so we’d get a a stadium and a team. Read his book!!! KevMo is the man!!! We got the SUPER BOWL and we’re gonna get it again!!!

  5. It’s good that you’re shining a flashlight into these corners, Robert. Keep digging. You’ll eventually get to a former council member who used to leak info from exec session and now gets free sideline passes.

  6. This city has so many conflicts of interest, and its no surprise

    Proof is in the pudding, stay tuned

    “Forget it Jake, Its Chinatown”

    scratch that…..

    “Forget it folks, its Santa Clara”

  7. Probably not something he cares to talk about. Would they benefit from longer concerts on weeknights?

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