SPECIAL REPORT: Kevin Park Fails to Report 49ers Meeting Hours Before a Council Meeting

By Robert Haugh

In January, the City Council discussed a routine item that became controversial. That’s because the 49ers objected to having some of their executives file financial forms required by the State.

Each year, key local government officials have to file the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Statements of Economic Interests, Form 700. It’s a way to make sure that people who are spending tax dollars don’t have conflicts of interest.

Two years ago, we caught 49ers executive Jim Mercurio having financial conflicts on his Form 700.

On January 26, 2020, the City tried to update its requirement to update who should file a Form 700. It’s a routine item. It was on the consent calendar.

But Councilman Suds Jain pulled it off the consent calendar. Jain is one of the three Councilmen that got elected with the help of Jed York’s $3 million expenditure last year. The other two were Anthony Becker and Kevin Park.

Kevin Park
Santa Clara City Councilmember Kevin Park. Image courtesy of City of Santa Clara.

On January 26, all three of them questioned City staff why it was necessary for the 49ers executives to file the legally required forms.

All three of them met with the 49ers’ Rahul Chandhok just hours before the City meeting.

Becker and Jain reported the 1 p.m. meeting on their calendars. That’s what’s legally required by the City.

Becker’s January 26, 2021 Calendar Entries

Anthony Becker January

Jain’s January 26, 2021 Calendar Entries

Suds Jain January

But Park did not report the meeting on his calendar. He only reported the 4 p.m. City meeting. Below is his entire January calendar.

Kevin Park January

As we reported yesterday, the 49ers meet regularly with Becker, Jain, and Park as a group. Sometimes they meet as often as weekly. 

The team meets separately with both Vice Mayor Raj Chahal and Councilwoman Karen Hardy as a group, too.

No other organization or company in Santa Clara meets as often with Coucnilmembers.

By our deadline, City staff did not respond about potential penalties for Councilmembers not disclosing meetings with businesses about important agenda items.


  1. Enough of all this dang negativity from people who have been elected since NOVEMBER! This has to stop. I hear from friends that want to leave or get old Council back. Can that possibly happen? I need friends and to believe in my city leaders.

  2. Perhaps Kevin Park is in the dark so we won’t see Jed whispering in his ear. Personally I’m happy not seeing him sell out and disrespect our great City and residents with every word.

  3. In most normal situations this could be looked at as just an oversight, no big deal. But these are not normal times and Mr. Park’s behavior has not been normal. It has been suspicious and continues to be.

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