Anthony Becker and Kevin Park Violate City Ordinance by Not Reporting Their 49er Meetings

By Robert Haugh

Both Councilmen Anthony Becker and Kevin Park failed to report meetings with the 49ers on their public calendars.

Kevin Park and Anthony Becker

Councilmen Kevin Park (left) and Anthony Becker

We previously reported about Park on April 27, 2021. That was 93 days ago. As of yesterday, Park still hasn’t corrected his calendar to add the 49ers meeting.

Becker did not report two meetings in June. We reported that yesterday.

We didn’t put the evidence in the article. Someone challenged us on it and said “you gotta be wrong. No one would make such a bonehead mistake.”

Here’s the evidence for Becker’s failure to report his 49ers meetings. This is a copy of Becker’s calendar as he reported it. There are no 49ers meetings on June 21 and 28.

Becker’s Calendar:

But we know he met with the 49ers. He was reported on on Councilman Suds Jain calendar.

Jain’s Calendar:

Other people asked us why the Councilmembers are required to report their meetings. Here’s why according to the City’s website:

In an effort to foster greater transparency, on January 12, 2016, the Council approved the adoption of Ordinance No. 1950 which adds Chapter 2.160 (“Calendars of Certain City Officials”) to Title 2 (“Administration and Personnel”) of “The Code of the City of Santa Clara, California.” The Ordinance became effective on February 11, 2016 with March 14, 2016 as the first official posting date of calendars of certain City officials.

Per the ordinance, “The Mayor, City Council Members, City Manager, City Clerk, Chief of Police and City Attorney shall publish their calendars to the City’s website on the tenth business day of each month and shall reflect the schedules of the previous month.”

Okay, so what if Councilmembers like Becker and Park don’t report their meetings? 

Here’s what the City’s website says in the FAQ section:

Who should I contact if I think there has been a breach of the policy?

Should it be felt that an official has failed to post their calendar or make their calendar available, please contact the City Clerk’s Office as the compliance office for the program. Should it be felt that an official has failed to disclose certain reportable meetings on their calendar, please contact the City Attorney’s Office as the enforcement office for the program.


  1. I’m fairly sure Scary Spice, Kevin Park does this on purpose.
    Although Stupid Spice, Anthony Becker may have just forgot, duh!
    Either way, they need to stay within the lines.

  2. Thanks Howard! They shouldn’t be able to get away with lying and cheating. That’s how Pelosi got started.
    Thanks for trying to hold our somewhat officials accountable.

  3. Speaking of our beloved City Council… Which of them made it out for National Night Out tonight? Or were they too scared to meet with their constituents?
    Especially those who voted for public safety cuts.

  4. Is there any teeth to this ordinance? If so, let him have it. If not it’s, it’s worthless.

    I call a penalty on these two 49ers!

  5. Hee! Hee! Becker must be getting the heebeejeebees. So much REALLY BAD PR! 🤣🤣So he’s cutting corners to prevent being recalled and any more brown stains in his pants.

  6. Oh, Oh. Another reason to get rid of a city atty, he isn’t a water boy for the niners. “,,,the City Attorney’s Office as the enforcement office for the program.”
    There is enough going on that many of the council would have to recuse themselves from voting on ousting the city atty, due to conflict of interest. And who would determine if there were a conflict of interest? Oh yeah, the city atty.
    When your opponents are painting themselves into a corner, hand them more paint. Too bad we are their opponents instead of their constituents.

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