Complaint Filed Against Anthony Becker and Kevin Park for Failing to Report Their Meetings with the 49ers

By Robert Haugh

Last Thursday, we published a story that showed that Councilmen Anthony Becker and Kevin Park failed to report their meetings with the 49ers.

They’re required to because of a City ordinance. 

One day later, community leader Howard Myers filed an official complaint against Becker and Park with the City.

“We have enough lawlessness these days by public officials,” said Myers. “When it is local and blatant it is time to speak up.”

Myers cites our story in the official complaint and wrote the following:

It has come to my attention that two of our city council members have been violating a city transparency ordinance. The fact they have not published accurate calendars is bad enough but the fact it is to the benefit of the Niners, their primary campaign donor, is especially egregious. The fact the Niners appear to be giving certain council members their marching orders is bad enough. But they should at least be forced to comply with the law and be honest about it.”

After our report and Myers’ complaint, Becker revised his June calendar and added his meeting with the 49ers on June 21 and June 28.

But Park still has not amended his calendar from January where he failed to report his 49er meeting on January 26.

We brought the issue to light about Park’s failure to report on April 27.

It’s now 100 days since Park had his 49er meeting and has failed to amend his calendar. 

We’ll continue to follow the story and how the City handles Myers’ complaint.


  1. Myers, Thank you for getting this out in the open. I am sure that many people did not know what was meant by Becker and Park not reporting their meetings. I am sure that they did not realize that the meetings were with the 49ers . Maybe it is because Jed York is suppose to be running a football team, not the City of Santa Clara. These 5 Stupid Idiots are reporting to J Y on Tuesdays so that they can get their orders from him in time for the City Council Meetings. That way J Y can get exactly what he wants.

    Don’t forget====== it’s Jed York’s ==== 5 people against -==- OUR MAYER and Kathy W. Is that the American way ? NO That is the liars and the cheats way. That is who our City is being run by , Liars and Cheats.

    GOD help us ++++

    • Dorothy, well said. We need face to face board meetings and let’s see if these cowards can stand up to the people they are selling out.
      Burt, thanks for your support of Santa Clara.

  2. Thanks Robert for bringing this to our attention. Howard, thank you for filing the complaint.
    Robert do you have any idea why the Santa Clara Meekly did not cover this? Or maybe they did, but no one noticed.

    Burt Field

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