Appeals Court Throws Out Frivolous Lawsuit Against Mayor Lisa Gillmor That 49ers Might Have Funded

By Robert Haugh

Recently, Mayor Lisa Gillmor won another legal battle.

Gillmor first won a frivolous lawsuit against her in 2019. That decision was upheld by an appellate court last week.

The lawsuit wrongly claimed Gillmor didn’t report all her income on her Form 700. That’s a form all elected officials are required to fill out annually. 

Gillmor did report all her income according to Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen. And Superior Court Judge Mark H. Pierce agreed.

But the 2019 Superior Court decision was appealed. 

Last Friday, California’s Fourth District Court of Appeal voted 3-0 to side with Gillmor.

It was first reported in the Metropolitan News Enterprise

Gillmor’s attorneys used an anti-SLAPP legal defense — a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.  Regular readers of this site know all about it

The lawsuit was filed by Brian Exline. He was a Santa Clara University Law School student at the time.

But no one believes Exline paid for the lawsuit. So who did?

Here’s what Stand Up for Santa Clara’s Burt Field wrote in an opinion piece:

Now, McManis Faulkner, a major San Jose law firm, is filing the lawsuit against Mayor Gillmor on behalf of Brian Exline — a Santa Clara University law student. It’s not believable that Mr. Exline is paying the firm. So who is? Is it the 49ers? Is this the equivalent of “dark money” being used in our judicial system?

Exline has never said who paid for the lawsuit or the expensive appeal. Hmmm.

In fact, Exline has never publicly spoken on this issue and has never been quoted in any news story. Double hmmm.

We tried to contact Exline in 2019 and earlier this year. He has not responded to numerous emails and calls.

In the court papers, Gillmor’s attorneys claimed that Exline didn’t even live in Santa Clara and had no standing to sue. Exline’s attorney’s never disputed the claim.  Wow.

Exline has moved back to his hometown of Fresno. 

Exline now works for Fresno County District Attorney, Lisa A. Smittcamp.

Smittcamp has also not responded to requests for comment.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Brian Exline.


  1. The good guys prevail. But don’t let your guard down, Jed’s posse can be relentless, kind of mob like.

    It’s time to tool up and put your helmet on and wait for the next shoe to drop. Surely Don Jed will make the next move

    • Score another one for the little guy!

      David – 2
      Goliath – 0

  2. Great victory story!
    Santa Clara and the Bay Area need to know.
    They need to know what lengths a bully like York will
    go to to get his way. You’re the ONLY media outlet that
    will do this story.

    EVERYONE knows SJ Flashlight/Spotlight,
    SJ Inside, the Merc and SCWeekly are
    controlled by the 49ers…..

  3. Just clicked the link to read about DA Smittcamp. She brags about creating a Public Integrity Unit in the DA’s office. Maybe they should be investigating Exline.

  4. Hey are mcmanus, exline and york going to draw straws to see who pays the attorneys fees to Mayor Gillmor?

    How is that going to be funnelled? 😂😂🤑🤑

    Oh what a tangled web you have woven, Jed!

  5. Congratulations Lisa for winning this frivolous lawsuit. This seems to be a very personal.

    The rest of the council that supports the 49ers better have their house in order.

  6. Wow, this crap just gets more stinky every day. It is no wonder that SF was so glad to see the door hit Jed in the ass.

  7. Might, Robert!!?? Did!! This has the MO of Jed boy, Chandick and all the Lisa-haters! Good for Lisa! Hope Exline never lives this down for carrying the water for the 49ers. Shame! An SCU student too.

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