It’s Been a Tough And Scandalous Summer for Santa Clara University

By Robert Haugh

Kevin O’Brien

In May, Santa Clara University (SCU) President Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J. resigned.

O’Brien “engaged in behaviors” during dinners with Jesuit graduate students that were “inconsistent with established Jesuit protocols and boundaries.” 

According to an official investigation, alcohol was involved.

Brian Exline

Last week, SCU Law School graduate Brian Exline lost his frivolous lawsuit against Mayor Lisa Gillmor.

Exline lost a Superior Court decision but appealed to the Appellate Court. Local community leaders are asking who paid the estimated cost of $100,000 to $200,000 of the lawsuit.

No one believes Exline actually paid for the legal expenses. Exline was a law school student when the lawsuit was filed and may have been a “front” for the 49ers.

Exline is now a deputy DA in Fresno working for DA Lisa A. Smittcamp.

Gary Stephen Maynard

Yesterday, it was reported that Gary Stephen Maynard has been charged with setting at least one arson fire near the Dixie fire.

Fire officials believe Maynard may be linked to other major Northern California wildfires.  

Maynard taught at SCU from 2019 to 2020.

One SCU employee said that “we’ve really taken a humongous PR hit this summer.” 

But since it’s summer session, the campus is not busy so there’s no impact on morale yet.

Coincidentally, all three men were on the SCU campus in 2019.

O’Brien had just been appointed President. Exline was a law school student. And Maynard taught in the sociology department.


  1. Lol. Communist shills. Just graduated from this place and couldn’t be less surprised that there’s millions being embezzled from their funds and their professors are busy setting the California wildfires which we already knew were arson by liberals, now we just have proof. They lied about losing money during the pandemic and made a surplus of 7,000,000+. This is what happens when the school lies to students about safety, takes advantage of their families and prevents students from being able to go back to school for two years so they can collect your full tuition and save millions while everyone else goes back to school. I will NEVER give a single hay penny to this school as long as I am alive. Watch them crash and burn the communist God hating shills. Blasphemous Marxist LOSERS. Reap what you sow Santa Clara University. Good riddance

  2. what about another scu employee…doesn’t lori jain work there… didnt she lie to about retiring from sc to help get her husband suds elected

    • Don’t blame her for lying, per Suds own bio, he left the high tech world (and a paying job) over 20 years ago so he could devote all of his time volunteering for climate change. That left his wife as the sole bread winner for the Jain household. Her SCU salary and medical benefits is all they have. Suds Jain could not afford to let his wife retire and the $2,000 stipend of a council member is more money than Suds has made in a very long time. So what’s wrong with the Jain’s lying to the public prior to the election, they finally came clean after he was elected and admitted he can’t vote on anything related to SCU or the downtown. But that’s ok, he’s Suds Jain and now can push his green new deal philosophy from the council with the full backing and monetary support of the 49ers. Don’t worry they won’t ask for much in return.

    • What’s wrong with lying to the public? Are you kidding me? Lying is lying and it’s dishonest. What is wrong with people? Do we really want dishonest people in our City government? No one told her husband to quit his job.

    • Heck Linda! Dishonest people helped get Suds elected! They even tried to get him appointed to the vacant seat. Makes you wonder about morals and scruples. Best thing to do is dump them. What were the downtown folks thinking? Jain is a trainwreck.

  3. The only global warming is coming out of a Doctor Gary Maynard’s mouth. These liberal professors will do anything to secure their takeover agenda. Being responsible for all the devastation and destruction is truly evil and one has to wonder his motivation.

    Arsons are a special kind of psychopath.

  4. Triple wow! And now my alma mater? With the radical political views the school has had in the last years I don’t identify with it much anymore. And the arsonist has taught at a number of schools, but criminal justice professor? What’s that about?
    “Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, is believed to have worked at a number of colleges in California, including Santa Clara University and Sonoma State University, where a Dr. Gary Maynard is listed as a lecturer in criminal justice studies specializing in criminal justice, cults, and deviant behavior.”
    Well he is doing some graduate work on deviant behavior all right. Lock him up and throw away the key if guilty.

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