Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park Investigated for Failing to File Financial Disclosure Forms, Still Hasn’t Reported His 49er Meeting from January

By Robert Haugh

San Jose Inside (SJI) had a nice scoop on Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park last week.

Park is being investigated for failing to file financial disclosure forms by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

But it’s not the first time for Park. Here’s what SJI reported.

“The engineer and first-term City of Santa Clara councilmember neglected to file required disclosure forms with California’s political watchdog agency during his unsuccessful 2014 and 2016 campaigns. And he remained paperwork-challenged even after he won the Mission City’s District 4 seat.”

Park says he’ll file the forms. That’s legally required of every elected official. “When you look into it, you’ll find that there really isn’t anything there,” Park told SJI.

But rumors are swirling in the Mission City about where Park gets his income. Here’s what SJI wrote in their story:

“According to Park’s forms from December 2020, he listed no reportable income—at all. However, the engineer’s name and loan are connected to an “unnamed startup” located at 5201 Great America Parkway—the five-story Techmart office building.”


There are more stories floating around Santa Clara about Park soliciting money from the 49ers without reporting it.

Double hmmm.

This would not be the first time Park hid things related to the 49ers. 

As we reported in April, Park failed to list on his calendar a January meeting with the team. It was just hours before a City Council meeting when they had important items on the agenda.  That’s a violation of a City ordinance.

Councilman Anthony Becker also failed to list a 49er meeting. But we publicized it and community leader Howard Myers filed a complaint. Then, Becker amended his calendar.

Park, Becker and Councilman Suds Jain were supported by 49ers owner Jed York’s $3 million campaign to get them elected in 2020. The three failed numerous times to win Santa Clara elections before York opened his wallet for them.

But it looks like Park is a lot less responsible than Becker. Park’s calendar is still not amended. It’s now 253 days since Park met with the 49ers. 

We’ll continue to keep track of the days and the number of investigations into Park.

Councilman Kevin Park


  1. You people are such whiners. Worry about you own lives, fix your own issues. Once you’re perfect then you can cast that first stone.

    • As voters, we should elect people who will be good role models. Not jailbirds!

    • If your life’s a mess, don’t run for office. Unless you want it air it out for everyone.

      Or if the kick backs are good it may be worth it to you. Then don’t complain.

  2. Why should creepy Kevin get away with anything while he’s selling out Santa Clara for his own personal gain?

    I think the residents that supported Kevin for office should be held responsible. Can’t imagine he has a lot of supporters now.

    I’m sure some of sell out constituents are benefiting from his term in office.

    • Who said Park is going to finish his term?
      This bozo (who abuses his wife and has no
      visible means of support except the stipend
      he gets from City Hall) needs to be gone

  3. from SJI:

    “Park knows he didn’t correctly close out the $8,000 he loaned himself on Nov. 3 and is missing signatures on some documents, ostensibly due to Covid-19 concerns, which Park chalks up to not being a “professional politician” in need of a more knowledgeable campaign treasurer.”

    Not a Professional politician? Park always espouses to be a Jack of all trades. Guess he is master of none.

  4. According to the 49er TV ads Park was a scientist, not just an engineer. But then again they said Suds walked on water so….

    • Howard, I believe he invented Teflon, and then shared it with four of his close friends.

      The more interesting question is, How do these five Santa Clara Residents sleep at night?
      Now that is the study I want him to work on. Now we are talking some serious money… not just the $3 Million invested into a few local bobbleheads. Heck that money was recaptured almost immediately.
      I’ve never call the 49ers smart, but it is scary how easy it was to buy a City Council and apparently get rid of a awesome City Attorney. Gee I wonder who is next??
      If only they could play a full 60 min football game as well.
      But I digress. Let’s get back to the more important subject of Kevin Park. If you doubt me, Just ask him, and he will tell you how important he is.
      So for just one second, let’s think of others. How many people he could help, outside of his own District.
      Why should the “lucky” residents of District 4 have him all to ourselves?

      So for the betterment of the rest of the world, I’m willing to let him go and serve others. How do the rest of us in District 4 feel?
      Burt Field

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