City Council Extends Cannabis Ban Until 2020, Lobbyist Gets Spanked

By Robert Haugh

 On Tuesday, the City Council extended the citywide cannabis ban until 2020.

It temporarily prohibits all commercial cannabis activity until June 2020 and “imposes reasonable restrictions on marijuana growth for personal use.”

 The Council asked for a lot of info earlier this year, like:

  • a cost analysis,

  • potential impacts of a commercial cannabis program on staffing resources, and

  • other cities’ implementation and management of a commercial cannabis program

 The staff needs more time to get the info together.

 But what made the Council meeting really interesting was the testimony. Three Santa Clara residents asked for a permanent ban. They believe marijuana is harmful to young people who will become addicted. And dispensaries will have a negative impact on the city.

 Then, Sean Kali-Rai, a lobbyist for the cannabis industry had a chance to speak. He’s also the president and co-founder of the Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance.

He “thanked” the previous speakers “for making his case.” He then insulted them by saying they were speaking out of fear and didn’t know the facts. He then threatened the council by saying that an Assembly bill (AB 1356) will force us to have 12 dispensaries in Santa Clara if the Council doesn’t take action.

But Kali-Rai got spanked by the Council.

 Vice Mayor Patty Mahan said “I kind of resent you mischaracterizing those previous speakers.”

 Councilwoman Karen Hardy said “having (AB) 1356 thrown at us sounds more like a threat, which I don’t appreciate.”

 Councilwoman Debi Davis said Kali-Rai was misrepresenting AB 1356. It won’t impose dispensaries on cities who have a temporary moratorium. She said to the audience, “you were not told that by the last speaker (Kali-Rai). I don’t even know why he does it.”

 Mayor Lisa Gillmor stood up for the Santa Clara residents. She said, “I just want people to come here and safely say what they want to say to us.”

 The Council also discussed all the issues that they are struggling with and evaluating. Then they voted unanimously to extend the ban.

 If you want to watch the discussion and the spanking it starts at 3:06:30 with the residents. Kali-Rai speaks at 3:13:22. The Council speaks at 3:15:30.



  1. As a Santa Clara citizen, why do I have to go to the San Jose cannabis dispensary on Coleman instead of Santa Clara??

  2. You can tell Becker wrote the Cannabis article, it came from the heart. The comments for Jed York and the budget we’re obviously from his boss, the dark side Mahan machine.

    It’s obvious, they just don’t want what’s good for Santa Clara.

    • why do people hide behind fake names Robert? they come criticize behind their keyboard without identity.
      we all know it’s you or another “anonymous” commenter. lol
      What I think you and others are all afraid of is an independent person not owned by anyone…and because I am opposition to a lot of status quo, you automatically categorize me. Yet you FAIL to provide that proof. If you say this please prove it…. I WRITE ALL MY OWN COMMENTS, SPEECHES ETC, I AM THE AUTHOR…. I don’t need a script or cue cards.
      I see that the comments on here that use aliases or anonymous names are people that are afraid to use their real name because then it exposes their dark side…

    • Actually, I only post under my own name. I verify all comments that it’s a real person. I require e-mails and I have often called and/or emailed to verify comments.

  3. Check out my Weekly letter to the editor.!!! I need to appologize for the lies. I told the Weekly I was a liar and didnt live in Santa Clara but they didnt care.

    Jack Harkness
    Santa Clara Resident

    What Price? – Letter To The Editor

    Jack Harkness
    May 8, 2019

    It is with not-stunned amazement, that Mayor Lisa Gillmor, did not publish anything on her FB page to show her support, sorry, shock or amazement over the shooting at the Synagogue in Poway on Sunday.

    Her facebook shows she was at the Relay for Life.  A worthy cause, but your silence is disturbing.  After the Mosque-shooting in New Zealand, she said the attacks were horrific and the city would take actions to protect our Muslim Community.  After the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting last October, the Mayor stood with the local Jewish Community, but the fact only 1 person was killed means she says nothing?

    Madam Mayor how many bodies are required before you “stand with” a group?”


    Jack Harkness

    Santa Clara resident

  4. The city of Santa Clara has voted twice for Cannabis, once statewide then once by the city. The people and the majority has spoken twice. I wish council will see this reflection as they won their elections with a majority of the vote, therefore the people have spoken. So when it comes to that on one hand, and then this on the other, why don’t council recognize the will of the people?

    Yes there are concerns with it, but Santa Clara has had 4 years to prepare for this. San Jose continues to make money off of it while Mountain View is looking to steal away some business and revenue. I wish instead of speaking of fear we would actually look at the facts.

    Santa Clara can operate cannabis differently than other cities. More professional, more clean, efficient, and neighborhood and community friendly. We can operate it with the strictest rules or lowest tax rate to bring in the business. Santa Clara can have 4-6 dispensaries that would be beneficial in revenue.

    What I don’t understand is why spend tax money for a ballot measure in 2018 for the city to only delay it again? Just because the will of a governing body disagrees with the electorate or a small minority disagrees with the electorate (those who actually showed up to the meeting were against it).

    Sugar, Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol, Heroin, etc are all more addictive and dangerous than cannabis, and you can look up those comparisons yourself.

    The Law is the Law, and if Santa Clara wants to ban it, then they violate the will of the people because the fear of the minority.

    The biggest issue i Had was Measure M in 2018 that put the money revenue into the general fund instead of designating the money for good causes. Putting that money in the general fund is dangerous and leaves it like a blank check for political pet projects. If the money went directly to police and fire like the ballot measure tries to covey in its message that be great, but the dirty secret is it is slipped into the general fund. Dangerous.

    I disagreed with that, voted “No” when i supported the cannabis industry in Santa Clara. Remember it was the general fund issue that got me to vote No.

    This is why i was the lone vote on Planning Commission (4-1-1) against the delay till June 2020 because we should have had a plan in the pipeline from 2016 after the statewide vote knowing it was coming to Santa Clara sooner or later. Once again Santa Clara is behind the curve on being progressive and in the modern century. We already have legal cannabis delivered to residents in the city when staff and city officials think it is not happening. It is. Do you know who gets the revenue from those sales? SAN JOSE!

    Don’t get me wrong, I hear those residents and council member complaints, but at same time, this is a generational issue and fear of change. Anyone under the age of a baby boomer overwhelming supports this. But the law is the law, and bans don’t solve anything it only increases a black market.

    This is not about people getting high, it’s also about getting people access to alternative medicines. My father when going through chemo and dying from liver cancer turned to cannabis for pain and to induce an appetite that he lacked.

  5. The cannabis industry would be smoking weed if they hired Moore. He’s not trusted by the Mayor and Council. He’s been helping the 49ers against the city and doing it mostly behind the scenes. But they know. Info about how he’s helped David’s restaurant will come out soon. It’s not pretty.

  6. Maybe the Cannabis industry needs a pro like KevMo. I hear he is the man!

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