Candidates Lining Up to Succeed Assemblyman Kansen Chu

By Robert Haugh

About a month ago, Assemblyman Kansen Chu decided to run for Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 3. That was a surprise because Chu had another two-year term left.

The City of Santa Clara is in Assembly District 25. Here’s a map of the district:

Approximately,  two-thirds of the district is in Santa Clara County. And one-third is in Alameda County.  According to our Sacramento political sources, the district is considered “safe Democrat.”

Here the candidates who are declared or considering running:

  • Bob Brunton (Republican) – Small Business Owner  

  • Jim Canova (Democrat) – Trustee, Santa Clara Unified  

  • Karina Dominguez (Democrat) – Councilmember, Milpitas  

  • Alex Lee (Democrat) – Legislative Aide  

  • Anna Song (Democrat) – Member, Santa Clara County Board of Education  

  • Rich Tran (Democrat) – Mayor, Milpitas

 We’ve also learned from local sources that Ann Kepner of the West Valley-Mission College Board is interested in running.

According to an East Bay source, Alameda County Democrats are recruiting a candidate. They believe that with so many South Bay candidates, someone from the East Bay could do well.

We’ll continue to follow this race as it develops.


  1. Ain’t no way KevMo is running for office again. Too many dirty deals with the Niners and David’s Restaurant!

  2. Kevin Moore doesn’t live in the district. He doesn’t live in Santa Clara anymore. He’s a fraud.

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