Assembly District 25 Race Update: Two Candidates Out, Two More In

By Robert Haugh

Last June, we wrote about the race to succeed Assemblyman Kansen Chu in AD25. Chu is running for Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 3.

Back then, these seven candidates were in or thinking about running:

Bob Brunton (Republican) – Small Business Owner 
Jim Canova (Democrat) – Trustee, Santa Clara Unified 
Karina Dominguez (Democrat) – Councilmember, Milpitas 
Alex Lee (Democrat) – Legislative Aide 
Anna Song (Democrat) – Member, Santa Clara County Board of Education 
Rich Tran (Democrat) – Mayor, Milpitas
Ann Kepner (Democrat) – Trustee, West Valley-Mission College Board

Since then, Dominguez and Tran have dropped out. They’re both from Milpitas.

But another Milpitas candidate has entered. City Councilwoman Carmen Montano announced she’s running. She’s a Democrat.

Natasha Gupta, also a Democrat, has joined the field. She’s active with the Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign.

According to local political experts, no other major candidates are likely to enter.

We’ll be covering this race since AD25 represents Santa Clara.  We’ll evaluate the candidates’ fundraising, endorsements, and their position on issues important to the Mission City. 

Look for rankings soon.


  1. Of all the candidates running….the ones I feel to support are Jim Canova, Anne Kepner and Bob Brunton (he has been running numerous times for this seat and really nice guy). Canova and Kepner are well known in Santa Clara and dedicated to their roles, while Brunton is always appearing at numerous community meetings in Santa Clara for years. I will cast my vote for 1 of the 3 to represent Santa Clara. They will have big shoes to fill as Kansen Chu has been a damn good job as an assembly member and always updating the people on his work he is doing. I wish Canova, Kepner and Brunton the best of luck and will see them at the polls in March.

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