City Council Preview: Report Documents How 49ers Initiated All Five Lawsuits Against the City 

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Council meeting will feature an informational report on litigation against the City initiated by the 49ers

There are multiple cases filed by the 49ers and related entities. The staff report says:

“Since the Stadium’s opening in 2014, the Forty Niners have initiated both judicial and non-judicial litigation (i.e., arbitration proceedings) against the City and the Stadium Authority that have had adverse effects on the anticipated advantages of the City’s agreement to locate the Forty Niners in a publicly financed stadium in Santa Clara. As demonstrated by the following report, all of the litigation between Santa Clara and the 49ers has been initiated by the 49ers.”

Litigation includes: stadium rent arbitration, public safety cost arbitration, Operation and Maintenance Expenses Arbitration and two cases, one which was dismissed by the 49ers (Santa Clara County Case No. 17CV304903) and another about parking fees at the Santa Clara Golf Course.  

Additionally, there are 11 cases of third party litigation arising from Levi’s Stadium.          

Also on the agenda:

  • Action on the Audited Santa Clara Stadium Authority Fiscal Year 2018/19 Annual Financial Statements. Non-NFL events netted the city under $19,000. Ouch. We’ll analyze this later. 

  • A public hearing on finalizing contracts with Recology, Mission Trail Waste Systems and GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. for recycling, garbage collection, and solid waste processing.


  • City Manager Deanna Santana will address a September 9, 2019, San José Spotlight article, written by Janice Bitters, titled “Santa Clara Bucked City Rules with Singer Public Relations Contracts”. 


  1. I sure hope your city manager is worth her million dollar salary (including her very generous benefits package). She leaves chaos in her wake. Previous employers were happy to be rid of her and now you have her at a premium price.

    • Before criticizing you should get your facts straight. The city manager does not make a million dollar salary. She is not like previous city managers that looked the other way then buried their head in the sand to avoid conflict. It takes courage to take on bullies who takes advantage of the city and the people of Santa Clara. She is looking out for the best interest for us and should be commended.
      There is no chaos just BS from the wrong doers that wants us to think there’s chaos!

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